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"If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future, and if you are at peace you are living in the present."

Welcome! Many people are now finding modern life stressful and lacking stimulation. There’s not enough fun and adventure to be had so you wish you could just travel a lot more and escape your banal daily routine. 


If you often feel like this, then this website is definitely for you because Sound of Mind has designed the perfect psychological antidote to overcome stress, mental illness, fatigue and also boredom.

My name is Andrew Voller and I’m a professional life coach and author. Over the course of 21 years since university I have dedicated my life to creating an extremely effective wellness care program called E.M.A. which uses patterns from nature to cure stress and solve lifestyle and mental health problems.

Nature provides all of the answers and emotional balance everyone seeks, and my unique wellness program holds all of this knowledge in practical life lessons and techniques for you to learn easily at your own pace.

You’ve only got one life, so the aim is to enjoy as much of it as possible and find the daily happiness everyone deserves. You have better lifestyle options available and can choose mental freedom and happiness if you follow the right path.

- Lao Tzu 


Earthborn Meta-Animation is a contemporary wellness care program with a high success ratio. The aim is to make you better by finding your natural flow, accepting society's pace and developing a happy balance.


Are you still stressed or suffering from mental illness despite trying conventional ways? Then my well thought out organic Wellness Care Program is the perfect alternative solution for you!


Check out my imaginative psychology novels which cover every real-life topic under the sun about the human mind - giving you many lifestyle choices. This is an entertaining way to absorb psychology.

Do you ever feel like social media usage is taking over your life? Are you even obsessed or you feel it's making you unhappy? Social media is just entertainment. Learn how to keep it that way.

It's Your Mind

Positive change doesn't just happen. You have to want it badly and completely embrace the idea of change for the better with daily motivation.

Your life is great when you don’t feel like searching anymore.

Nature &


Nature's Brain

Water, Shapes & Light

Architecture of Life

Nature provides the perfect antidotes to all human problems. Every plant, being and creature does it’s best to work with the...

How do humans like to live? What do they really need to survive happily? Does nature provide the answers?

We cannot change what has been, but we can ignore mistakes and rebuild new, better areas – forsaking the concrete stacking...


The planets are vast and unfathomable, as is your brain. So never get bored with being you and always explore your mind.



Sound of Mind returns

your mind to nature.

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