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Psychology Books

"My contemporary theories greatly challenge the mainstream academic approaches to psychology which are outdated and failing millions of mentally ill sufferers right now because money is valued higher than real people. It's time to listen to reason, not corporate manipulation."        

- Andrew Voller

Upcoming Books

The Psychology Bible

Volume One:  Snowflake City

This Psychology Bible trilogy (The Nirvana Series) is designed to help you through all aspects of life and to make your time on earth pleasant and fruitful.

Snowflake City is encouraging you to find and understand yourself, then love being in your own company.

Some form of suffering, degrading episode, artistic curiosity or minority isolation may have led you to needing this book? If you want the truth and the best ways to deal with any life problem, you shall have it.


Only judge people on how they treat you, not what rumours you hear.


1.  Community


Outsiders and sycophants





Our primary life goal should be learning how to find happiness because our inflexible society has a habit of losing people in its selfish financial vortex. Valuing money should be about necessity, not a never-ending reach for extravagance. More and more people are trading happiness for money, which is a sad and closed-minded trend leading nowhere but to depression.


2.  Happiness



Feelings of love


In this alphabetized society we can easily lose perspective of our emotions and character, as well as time. Losing perspective is in the top 4 reasons for developing a mental illness: we literally have a ball-and-chain framework teaching us how to go mad. It takes about 5-6 years to break one’s mind free from Materialism which is an essential requirement of achieving happiness.

3.  Bullying

The Bully

0-5 year old bullying

The school bully

Workplace bullies

Relationship bullying

Family control

Old bullies

Sexual bully

The primate pyramid and class

Global domination

Battle of wills

Nice people

Bullies are the primary bane and obstacle of all our lives whether we fall victim or not to an individual bully, a gang of bullies, or this repressive city network. As opportunist creatures, sadly bullying is what humans do best! So we must examine all aspects of this fundamental weakness in comprehensive detail to understand what’s happening to us and most importantly how to beat this villainous stranglehold on our otherwise open mind.

To live morally free, without constraint, bullying, austerity and hardship, is the dream of most people who would like time and space to explore the beauty in the world and themselves. Bullying is the opposite of love.

4.  Family & Friends

Attractiveness and charisma


Relationships and friendships


People and types


Your face continues to be the dominant recognition of your worth to others throughout your life. By-and-large you are stuck with your face, be it attractive or requiring a paper bag. The symmetry, shape, structure, feature size, forehead, etc, pretty much dictate how many opportunities life presents you, nearly everyone trying to mate with, get to know and absorb the social status of hanging out with the termed ‘beautiful people’.

5.  Fear


Loneliness and Isolation

Panic attacks

Social phobia

Base survival


Indoors and outside

Melancholy and pity


Optimism and placebo

Worrying is thinking you know the future. Beforehand, maybe days before, there is the beginnings of an uncomfortable build-up worrying about some event or happening. By focusing too long on the event and particularly on negative outcomes, the worry about not much starts to build up, then generates its own steam and works on you badly until the event is over. Be it public speaking, a date, facing a phobia, getting on crowded public transport, even some anxiety in the safety of your own home, etc, the fear of the fear is often much worse than the event.

6.  Relaxation & Life

Past, future and present

Sleep and exercise



Love for the world


Detachment and peace

Balance and flow

Positivity and confidence

We are complex emotional biological beings that can endure extremes of great hardship and greedy surfeiting. But to attain good health and a peaceful state of mind the correct balance or recipe of actions and thoughts must be mixed together. There is a time and action for everything. Find the right time and action for each element and become the fulcrum.

7.  Nature Vs. Nurture

Our souls should be our God, but it is in our nature to look to the heavens, not within ourselves. The wide sky is more appealing than the deep oceans. It is an essential and necessary part of our contented life to believe in a higher being; a simple way to explain the mostly unexplainable. Science tends to provide more questions than answers and that’s how progress is made. Yet imagining we are just a speck in the universe makes us feel very uncomfortable and lost. We want community, not solitude.


                      Heartwood Economy

The Psychology Bible

Volume Two:

People power doesn’t work because we are self-serving by nature and rarely stick together. And wealthy people over the centuries have exploited this weakness by using fear to use us for their own purpose. Big business is our leader and always has been. It casts an unhealthy shadow over most of our lives, leaving an unpleasant taste to our thoughts. We naturally ignore the shadow of evil because it is almost unstoppable. So why face up to your fear of nastiness when you can’t do anything about it? Answer: Don’t. Do three things instead for the sake of truth, eternal human values and of course yourself. 


If an opportunity or person is good for you, your instincts know it straight away.


1.  Society



Negative people (old cronies, selfishness, )






So the world is greedy. It’s not healthy walking down the street seeing people and expecting each one to probably disappoint you. We are all sheep of one kind or another; just some sheep stray from the flock and evolve, seeing new fields and horizons. Those new experiences may edify or destroy our understanding of reality, making the one reality seem easier to control or much more difficult. 

2.  Nature & Happiness

Water, Shapes and Light


The Architecture of Life


Our souls should be our God, but it is in our nature to look to the heavens, not within ourselves. The wide sky is more appealing than the deep oceans. It is an essential and necessary part of our contented life to believe in a higher being; a simple way to explain the mostly inexplicable.

3.  Obsession






Does your worrying matter? Not really. Look out to sea, think of the universe. You’re a tiny speck worrying about nothing. Don’t build nothing into a mountain. Pat the molehill down. If you are going round in negative circles, stop! Don’t worry for the sake of worrying. Breathe well and be a tree. Don’t be at the mercy of society and other people.

4.  Mental Illness & Cures


Causes and signs



Magic mania



Eating disorders



Maybe the word ‘lazy’ has been banded about you but you feel so tired, you pretend you don’t care. But you do care; your pride will be needed to pull you out of this slump. Nobody really knows what’s wrong with you, you just feel useless and fold very easily. You are drifting in no man’s land. Then at last you are labelled with some vague medical term and you are left temporarily happy because it gives you breathing space and an excuse to not do much. Yet inside the fountain of truth, inside the oasis of your mind, you know that your mindset is at best not helping your cause, if it isn’t entirely responsible for your dilemma and fatigue?

5.  History






It’s good to see big and small in life. We study the pebble, then look out to sea and feel our own cage of a body part of a scene. Balance is about perspective. Even in an old looking hollow drainpipe or a street sign post, birds make a whole life.

6.  Creativity



Growing and exploring


Painted on rock (parietal art) using natural earth pigments (mixed with spittle or animal fat) give cave paintings a visceral edge canvas and wood panel art cannot compete with. They are raw, powerful, and meaningful, without pretension and display no less conceptual sophistication than modern art.

7.  Behaviour



Organisation and jobs

Life rules

Direction and purpose

We respond heavily to routine and do not like change. Shock is our main enemy. Routine is safe; randomness is unsure of itself. Lots of mentally ill people hide away because they literally know where they stand, in the same place day-in-day-out. Boring but reliable, safe and sure.

The Psychology Bible

Volume 3:  Heartwood Economy

I have a dream that Mother Nature is worshiped by everyone and humanity can live in harmony with her. Unfortunately, I frequently wake from my dream and realize the harsh reality of my mortality and I’m running round in a mousetrap made by us. Humans are our own worst enemy and no surprise then that we begin to betray our own selves and develop mental illness, fatigue and a lack of self worth. We are only responding naturally to indoctrination and the bullies that control most of us. 


Usually evil people claim to be nice. Nice people rarely even know they are nice, let alone say it out loud.


1.  Civilization


Human rights and politics


Evolution, God & Mother Nature


Technology & Robotics



We currently have a chimp eats monkey society. We want nice people to prevail instead. It is possible to achieve, be comfortable, help others, protect our family, stash some safety wealth aside and also be a nice person. Nice doesn’t mean walkover, it means wisdom. Humanity lacks wisdom.

2.  Enlightenment

Forgiveness and revenge

Living in bliss

The path to enlightenment

Heart’s knowledge





Don’t sympathize with the menace, just unreservedly forgive them when they’re ready for your sake and theirs. Remember, when people do wrong it’s because they learnt to do things badly, had bad things done to them or misfortune has lashed them with six of the best and they want some subconscious revenge on anyone who looks like easy prey. No one wants to play the villain, some just pretend to relish unhappiness because they know no better, like the fat person who says they love being fat. They lie because change is difficult.

3.  Supernatural

Nighttime dreams

Occult and superstition

Powerful objects


4.  Nature






Birth and babies


5.  Death





6.  The Universe


The moon and madness




7.  Philosophy

Transcendence and truth


Optimism and placebo

Lots of us have favourite items or lucky possessions, but when a choice of yours clearly has no influence on outcomes then again you are trying to centralize and focus your wild fear on a single item. Whether you pick black or brown socks, a particular tea cup, fork, etc, will not change your destiny. Minutiae is given a great significance when you are mentally ill.

Birds represent a freedom of imagination no other creature encapsulates so effectively; they are vulnerable, go high beyond sight (the ruppells vulture up to 37,000 feet), make enchanted tweedled sounds and fly with hypnotic grace - holding such a unique unused part of the world. Little would people guess the Tyrannosaurus rex and birds have closer molecular comparisons than either to an alligator?

It’s not only down to you to change yourself, but also up to you to locate the information to do so. Nobody cares as much about you as You do. So look after yourself for your own good. And if you struggle to do that ask for help. If nobody helps you, go to the inner core of your being and tell it to dig in deep and delay until step by step you learn to rebuild yourself until you have a roof over your head and the view is good.

We are all sticks of electrical energy, not light bulbs, people with actions and reactions. The amount of willpower or energy we emit dictates how well we are protected. You are walking in the woods all alone, green leaves about shinning with dew light fluorescence. Trees have their vessels or veins pumping water to the further corners of their tip and you feel their size and liquid presence.

By being too truthful you become an outsider. Transcendence and kindness surmount the Truth. To love yourself is the beginning of kindness.

Psychology Books

"Once again I apologise for the delay in publishing this trilogy of psychology books. They do seem to be taking me forever to write and edit, but Rome wasn't built in a day.       

No-one ever praises themselves enough. Your best is good enough because that's your limit. Reward yourself with self-love or a treat every time you do something good. Confidence matters.

If you know in your heart you are doing well then don't care what people think because right is on your side. Follow your path.

Some of the greatest gifts you can offer the world are fairness, humility and mercy.

It's so hard to decide whether it's right for you to stand up to bullies, considering the trouble they cause. After much experience doing so over many years, I can assure you the major hassle is overwhelmed by the sense of pride you feel if you choose to fight for your rights. 

You know you're doing well when even in the face of adversity you can enjoy your life."

- Andrew Voller