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(higher level)



Welcome to my psychology theory web page. My contemporary system of care uses two main psychological tools that I created to help cure your problems:




1. Earthborn Meta-Animation (E.M.A.) is a foundation of truth and the ground roots system of my mental health care.


2. Compassion Hope & Illumination (C.H.I.) is a calm way of approaching people and the delivery of my care. 




E.M.A. is the philosophy and C.H.I. is my style of care. 




E.M.A. uses patterns from nature to solve people’s problems in an organised way. It views mental illness as a social problem, not a private one. Consequently every person’s care is tailor-made because everyone is different.




C.H.I. combines ancient knowledge ("energy force") with a modern understanding of human behaviour to achieve balance. It teaches people how to cope with bullies, build their confidence and strive for worthy goals.   




There are 10 main principles to understanding and following E.M.A.:

1. Higher Purpose.

2. Communication & Socialising

3. Organizing Internal Thoughts

4. Organizing External Reactions

5. Life Direction & Planning

6. Calm & Concentration

7. Dealing with the Past

8. Learning about Nature

9. Generosity of Spirit

10. Having Fun   


The human condition and its hierarchy are unchangeable facets of our make-up that have been the same characteristics for thousands of years. Trees began their evolution about 360 million years ago – obviously considerably longer than us – and have therefore developed more natural and balanced survival tactics than we have. These patterns of growth are the core foundation of my mental health care.  



A tree spirals out from its trunk using the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio to gain as much evolutionary sunlight exposure as possible. Nature has found the most efficient way for each leaf to gain the maximum sun and for the branches to grow freely. As one American scientist excellently puts it, this sequence “gets the biggest bang for its buck.”




Earthborn Meta-Animation encourages people to live the same way, so to gain the maximum opportunity and happiness as possible.




By finding who we are, the way we most comfortably develop and then further understanding the rigid framework of our society, we can create a plan to accept, live peacefully and productively.  




Humanity has the potential to be full of kindness, humility, compassion and creativity. And we have a capacity of high self-awareness, which gives us no real excuse for cutting-down rainforests.




“Life is problems. Living is solving problems.”

(Raymond E. Feist)     




E.M.A. is a system of psychological care which sees society as much more responsible for mental illness than the individual not responding well to its structure. Financial pressures are the number one trigger for psychological problems developing.




My system teaches you to how defend yourself against bullies and become an active member of your local community, whilst achieving your realistic hopes and dreams. E.M.A. aims to create a flexible spiral inside a fixed pyramid.




Essentially, E.M.A. shows people how to find balance by adopting helpful patterns from nature.


Virtually all mental health care systems available now and in the past either relate to behaviour and cognition. However, Earthborn Meta-Animation identifies 3 further elements to human nature as equally important to our development; feelings, soul design and universal forces. 




EMA’s diverse architecture aims to solve all problems of any nature. Its cognitive branches spread out in every area of life, making the basic pattern of care all encompassing.




What influences our actions?


Basically, internally, there is Thinking, Feeling, Behaviour & the Soul.  


Outside there is the Soul again, Nature and Outer Space.


We are fixed mimickers of behaviour and philosophies. But our feelings can’t be so easily brainwashed, nor can our souls, or the way we respond to outside natural stimuli.




E.M.A.'s  5  Elements  of Human Nature are:



1. Behaviour Reactions or Responses (Behaviour is last in line and possibly most important element?) 


2. Thinking or Cognitive Understanding (Thought is the director of your body and the impulse to act).

3. Feelings (Emotions are deeply important to us, often skipped over and need exploring and appreciating more profoundly).


4. Soul Design (The soul is seen as having an otherworldliness quality to it; a timeless quality. EMA teaches a mathematical appreciation of time so our bad emotions do not catch us unawares).


5. Nature and the Universe (Nature has its own agenda: the ‘butterfly effect’ sounds good but doesn’t represent the main patterns / forces which always ignore minutiae on their return to a natural default position. Nature’s elasticity has its limits).            




Science, nature and religion either compete or merge because all of them are explanations of the shape of the shell that holds us. We desperately seem to need to know that the yolk of our soul is cupped together and protected for future generations by someone or something. 




E.M.A. shows and instructs us how simulating nature’s paradigm can create a positive and healthy new you in just a matter of months. Spirituality is nature.




Earthborn Meta-Animation is an emotional and instructive ‘real-life’ problem solving psychological system designed to improve our lives significantly by echoing natural ways. Nature is E.M.A.’s strength and wisdom; being truthful and nice its code of practice and ethos. We are not social doormats or robots, but decent kind human beings with feelings that need to be understood, heard and respected. It is my agenda to put happiness on top of the tree.  



Thank you for your time.




If you would like to know more about my Wellness Care Program, please feel free to contact me or click here.




Andrew Voller, E.M.A. Founder




To conclude, the following brilliant quote is from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, where a group of characters are unfairly banished from court and discuss the virtues of returning to nature:  




Duke Senior:


Now my co-mates and brothers in exile,

 Hath not old custom made this life more


 Than that of painted pomp? Are not these


 More free from peril than the envious court?

 Here we feel not the penalty of Adam,

 The seasons’ difference, as the icy fang

 And churlish chiding of the winter’s wind,

 Which when it bites and blows upon my


 Even till I shrink with cold, I smile, and say

 ‘This is no flattery. These are counsellors

 That feelingly persuade me what I am’.

 Sweet are the uses of adversity,

 Which like the toad, ugly and venomous,

 Wears yet a precious jewel in his head;

 And this our life, exempt from public haunt,

 Finds tongues in trees, books in running


 Sermons in stones, and good in



(Act II, scene i)