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a novel


I have written four imaginative and entertaining psychological novels known as the 'Enlightenment' series, which follows the life of a strong-willed woman - holding her family together - throughout a number of serious life challenges.  

Discover your lifestyle choices.


all about that bow

"Apple Rainbow"

This is a fictional tale of a nice woman suffering from a lifetime of mental illness who loses herself in a superficial world. 


Apple Rainbow is the first novel in an exciting trilogy about a forthright woman, who explores her conscience, defends her family and others against bullies and begins a journey into enlightenment.

The main protagonist is an ambitious woman called Launa (meaning 'clouded heaven' in Hawaiian) who suffers from mental illness, yet regardless, 

achieves a great deal of social and personal success. 

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“What a great read, once you start, you’re hooked.”


“An excellent book, thoroughly recommend reading it.”

“Chelsea, aka ‘The Bitch,’ was the kind of woman who leaves you feeling less than you were before you met her; cold even in the sunlight. Talking to her was like contracting tuberculosis. As she smiles...



bloom. shake the room.

I’m a modern woman who knows what I want from life! I don’t want a workshy man who can’t drive or boil an egg.










I need to feel alive and special in the arms of a strong silent man with big hands, living inside a nice house in an up-and-coming area a stone’s throw away from London’s fashion scene.


That’s what I went for and that’s what I got, with a successful career and three precocious children too. I’ve always been an independent woman who could support myself through some tough times.





“A really entertaining sequel which gets to grips with the heart of big business and political corruption whilst exploring the wonders of nature."

"At just 19 years old, Arthur gained a first class degree from Oxford University in Patronisation Studies. He progressed to reading a Masters in Condescension & Inhibiting Etiquette at Cambridge. Later in his lazy career, after years of sterling sexism...

Wearing Marshmallows Website Thumbnail.j

Harrison Daniels is the epitome of a heartless and ruthless businessman who will do anything to attain fabulous wealth beyond need or compare. Launa goes head-to-head against his nefarious ways in a classic fight between good and evil.



fairness for all

We continue our fictional exploration into the human mind as Mrs. Bumblebee rises above ignorance and nastiness, fighting evil head on.


This is a momentous and rewarding sequel involving difficult life choices, delving into the murky world of political corruption, where a battle of wills brings out the best in a united family.




I'm not going to let this evil old crony knock me for six. I know who I am. The days when women could be treated like dirt in the business world are long gone! I've got brains, feminine wiles and intuition,

and most importantly

I believe in






With this kind of confidence I can conquer the world! Anything is possible if you apply a positive mind to it.

move mountains

"This  prequel dives straight into the rotten mind of a serial killer. It really is a gripping and insightful thriller."

"The Rising was the magma core of Goyner’s strength which cooled into his rock personality. Inside his mind was a molten hell of maleficent reactions to external stimuli which opened their multi-personalities whenever he was in trouble. This pernicious zone was

Monica is the epitome of a modern day strong woman. She is Italian, exceptionally beautiful, very fashionable, mega-smart in understanding people and has a world of riches before her feet if she so chooses.

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victor  goyner

This prequel tells the sad story of the world’s most notorious serial killer, Victor Goyner, who moves from hell to touch heaven in an extraordinary sequence of events which make you question your own judgements of life, God and the universe, as Launa travels back in time.

"I'd rather be lost

in the woods 

than found

in the city"

Buttercup Socks is a very entertaining black comedy, definitely not for the shy of truth or equally the pedantic PC brigade. This is a profound philosophical and psychological work of fiction, leading the reader through dark streets, university antics and into the open ocean of peace. 

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