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wearing marshmallows

summary ®

In Wearing Marshmallows, we enter into the banal, boring, put-your-head-in-a-gas-oven world of British Politics. Let’s be honest, discussing politics can be dead-dull and depressing, especially knowing there’s not much we can do to change things. Until now, Launa found politics as interesting as watching a floating fish. This novel changes our apathetic perception of government - bypassing policy and dishonourable mandates – by seeing prejudice, gossip and philandering from a woman’s point of view.


This novel is loosely based on the true life story of a female Member of Parliament (in the last ten years) who received untold amounts of unfair criticism, sexism, lies and mainly brutish bullying, just because she was a woman in a man’s business world. For legal reasons I cannot mention her name or the party she belonged to.     


Wearing Marshmallows dives into the Thames of Westminster – drowns the porpoise drones of politics – and lights up the juicy ‘real-life’ workings of our shambolic political system. Britain is officially in the top 10 of the most corrupt countries in the world, so I throw our heroine, Launa, into the mix – like Guy Fawkes – to expose the wrongdoing, corruption and business games which really go on, using tax payer’s money.


Launa has a tough time facing criminal organisations and consequently her lifelong mental problems surface again. Regardless, she digs-in-deep, rallies her family and friends, and takes on the world head first!   


The quality Amazon paperback version is now available at £10.99 and the eBook is only £1.99.