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apple rainbow

quotes ®

The following quotes show you the varied and eclectic writing styles in Apple Rainbow, so you get a good feel for the book:  


"It was snowing and as Craig was running around like an E-number addicted boy in a toy shop, Launa sat still behind the car windscreen and just watched the snow fall. Tree greens highlighted its virginal white and she couldn’t notice any falling patterns at all. It just went with the wind or wherever it was going to go. The snow flakes wandered like aimless children with forgotten purpose. They made her feel totally unique. Haley was unique. Everyone in the world is unique she thought as her muscles were calmed by the dull grey sky producing such loveliness. It was the slowness of the snow that made it so magical. The memory of rain seemed so brutal compared to the floating mysteries snow promises. Snowing skies bring out unexpected wishes and dreams as wide as the ground it rests softly on – even if it’s just a simple wish to hope it settles."

“If you are a modern person, don’t worry, you are more human than you think. In fact the truth about our distant history has never been accurately told before because myth and science have always been very jealous self-polishing types that talk a lot. Religion can’t wait to start a war and science is desperate to let off rockets. They should be best friends.”


“Chelsea, aka ‘The Bitch,’ was the kind of woman who leaves you feeling less than you were before you met her; cold even in the sunlight. Talking to her was like contracting tuberculosis. As she smiles her whole face hates you for all the wrong reasons. You see her contempt for your decent way of living oozing from her googly, frog eyes and down turned mouth of blancmange horror.

     She accused Launa of being small minded once out of jealousy, which is exactly the kind of insult that small-minded people levy against an enemy because their small minds don’t realise how limited they are.”


“Christine (their cat) lay outside the bathroom door intuitively feeling Launa’s pain bathed into positivity. Not really. She couldn’t give a shit about Launa’s problems at all and had just sandwiched herself perfectly up to the door, like a draught excluder soaking up the tropical bathroom heat. If Christine, the judgmental cat, could speak she would say that Launa ‘had brought the problem on herself and let’s hope she doesn’t forget my night-time milk as a result of emotional incompetence’. One harsh, cold, now warming cat, soon to be shoved unexpectedly towards the stairs.” 

“Undulations of bridesmaid daisies and good honest green grass crowned this beautiful countryside cove. Comfortable bumps and friendly green lumps surrounded by a gallimaufry of wild flowers were signatures of a bent-over proud ash tree which had seen better days and many kids climb over its inviting lean, no doubt? This was nature’s most perfect spring mattress ready and welcoming Launa’s woes to the black-peat bottom. Crickets sounded their familiar alien vibe, worms peacefully did their whole thing underground and curiously popping up for the occasional melodious sound bite and the little flying birds restored a valley echoing canorous pleasant zephyr between L’s ears. She sat and absorbed nature in all its fineness and splendour and it relaxed her a lot, as forgiving nature heals everyone who walks openly into its panoramic field. What better mental hospital than a field under a reassuring roof of sunshine.”

"Many women wanted to emulate her natural ability to see good in everything. It was an immature and very appealing inexperienced enthusiasm, which countered the boredom of life. Launa was a mender of other women’s dreams too because she was kind. She had charisma by the Chelsea-set lipstick load: she looked at an empty dilapidated shop property to rent and saw a cocktail bar with fish swimming in pipes past avant-guard customers doing fine art; Launa imagined beating Van Gogh’s dynamic and energized paint strokes, whereas others just marvelled and admired his work from a safe distance; in her mind she sea-sawed a ferry to Paris, where many other women settled for a cramped train trip to Margate. Launa went to the stars every morning, kissed them for sparkle lips, took some eye-shadow from the moon’s underbelly, powdered her cheeks with red Mars dust and swiped mascara from the night’s dark blue tinted sky. She wanted a nice big house and family, so got the man who could provide that. You only have one life after all and I’ll risk it, thought Launa about everything. Where other women settled for mediocrity, Launa insisted on astral ambition!"