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apple rainbow

summary ®

Apple Rainbow is the first novel in my Enlightenment series, which tells the simple and pure story of one woman’s fight to rid her mind of past demons and save her family from breaking up.


The first few chapters are very different in style to conventional novels or steady reading material; so expect a unique, new style of writing. The ideas and writing approach constantly changes and adapts in parallel with Launa’s confused mind. By throwing random and even crazy paragraphs into the mix to simulate the irregular and adventurous nature of madness, I’m temporarily asking the reader to positively change their normal reactions to stimulus and follow our heroine (Launa) on a journey of self-discovery and improvement.


Throughout the series of novels, we see how Launa adopts practical cures to all of her problems (from my EMA psychology) and learns that life is to be enjoyed, not endured. By entering an other-worldly mental state, we gain patience, calm and acceptance of other people’s problems – improving our lives too. Betterment, patience and even the beginning of enlightenment is achieved by connecting with and embracing other people’s diverse philosophies. I have put a lot of background effort and research into simulating the patterns of mental illness and their natural cures through the underlay of the novel’s styles, poetry, reasoning and social critique. The overall organic foundation of all the novels is about inviting people to be calm and thoughtful of others.      


So the beginning of this book is far from formulaic, as we enter into some childish fantasies, delusions, strange history and space explorations. As the novel develops, we see how all of these fragments of loose thoughts begin to bond into a sense of reality – as Launa’s conscience and painful memories begin to see the light of day. She lives in a fantasy world, imagining a pretend utopia called ‘Appleton’ from billions of years ago. Maybe it’s real and maybe it isn’t, but to Launa it’s her random approach to finding sanity in an insane world. Apple Rainbow travels in-and-out of her pre-human history dreams, exploring new concepts and strange lands, which are interwoven amongst her failing marriage and depression. This unusual escapism is Launa’s way of coping, justifying and learning to live with her serious mental illness.


Underneath the main story of family unity, we read and discover sub-plots of child abuse, lost love and family tragedy, new friendships, the creativity of a child’s imagination and how to cure yourself from depression and anxiety, amidst strong themes of standing-up to sexual bullying and opposing racism. Mainly I take you through the main stages of mental illness and into the world of nature – which heals all.


Launa is naive in many respects because she has a black-and-white, headstrong sense of justice. But our society needs more independent people like her to fight for what they believe in! Apple Rainbow ebbs-and-flows with an unstoppable creative tide, showing us how applied knowledge and the beauty of nature conquers all.


The Amazon Kindle eBook is £1.99 (free to kindle unlimited) and the quality Amazon paperback version is £9.99.