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introduction ®

Over many years I have recorded and studied common patterns of mentally ill thoughts and behaviours. Even though we are all individuals, these main chaotic structures are remarkably similar in nature.

Some people find it a bit boring reading straight-laced self-help books, so I came up with the idea of translating my E.M.A. psychological research into fiction. Through a number of exaggerated and interesting characters, I’m in the process of telling the real-life story of Humanity, through the life of one woman (Launa, pronounced Lorna) who suffers from mental illness, in an ‘Enlightenment’ series of seven rainbow books – starting with ‘Apple Rainbow’.

The style of the novels is quite unique in that they all mirror the high-and-low positive and negative patterns which many mentally ill people adopt. Sometimes some of the diction is deliberately wacky, overtly fantasy and dreamy, jumbled and super-creative in kind. Other writing can be critical, reflective, and truthful to the bone and is always honest. I’ve done my upmost to echo the chopping-and-changing, random style of mental illness, also with many periods of calm tranquillity and rhetorical walking in the woods to bring peace and answers about life to the reader. The general idea is to teach people about the everyday pitfalls of mental illness through a wide gamut of entertaining characters and how to escape and solve these personal problems.

In amongst the struggles and triumphs of popular characters, we have a running commentary on contemporary society. Very few of the concepts addressed in the novels are my own beliefs. I have recorded and interviewed a wide field of common ‘real-life’ opinions on modern day Britain, to bring Truth to the table of discussion and highlight how society – for many people – is not working at all. Austerity is making people ill and I show how nature is the remedy.

Some views can seem extreme and very controversial, others petty, some inspirational and a few even damn-right silly. But every opinion is fairly balanced with both sides of the opposing arguments. I’ve done my very best to represent both coin faces and edge of our complex head-and-tails world. I personally remain impartial and objective – letting the characters develop naturally – telling entertaining stories of friendship, back-stabbing, love, romance, infidelity and many other emotional reactions to our corrupt Capitalist system.

On our protagonist’s rights-of passage emotional journey, Launa starts off unsteady and unconfident and then works out the key to solving her mental health problems – slowly learning the art of enlightenment. Along the way she faces many tests of character; encountering and overcoming male chauvinism, nasty bitchiness, financial strife and serious family difficulties. Also, Launa meets many fun animals, starts her own successful business, helps less fortunate people and saves her family from ruin. She is a very energetic, lively, decent, go-getting woman – who gets what she wants out of life.  

The first novel, Apple Rainbow, is an entertaining family drama seen through the eyes of mental illness. Wearing Marshmallows, the sequel, is an exciting portrayal of big business corruption. And the third novel, Buttercup Socks, is a gory murder hunt prequel. It’s perfectly fine to read the books out of sequence if you just like the sound of reading one of them, but not the others. At the end of each novel is a plot summary of the previous books in the Enlightenment Series to get you up to speed. Just pick the subject you like from this list below:


APPLE RAINBOW: Family & Divorce (Published, 2017)


WEARING MARSHMALLOWS: Politics & Corruption (Published, 2017)


BUTTERCUP SOCKS: Murder & Salvation (Published, 2018)


PANCAKE COTTAGE: Schools & Gossiping (Published, 2018)


All of the novels promote the power and importance of family unity, living with nature and finding a calm balance of the mind.


All my eBooks are £2.99.