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What you can expect and hope to gain from using social media?

Social media addiction.

Are you using your phone too much?

Finding your people.

Niche chatting.

Are words enough to connect with someone?

Where are your fish in the sea?

"Psychology combined with technology is the future."

Finding your


Pros and Cons.

The good, the bad and the ugly of SM.

Social Media Skills.

How best to use the internet.

Nature and Robots.

Social networking isn't just play.

Communicating using words and pictures.

Social media addiction.

The pros and cons of social media.

How to use social media skillfully.

Nature and robots.

Nature is the very best antidote and cure for technology stress. 

If you choose to use technology or have no choice, there are negative consequences which cause stress and mental fatigue. One of the best ways to counter this specific type of intense, migraine making tension is learning meditation. Even just lying down in a dark room helps. Many types of meditation have been cultivated throughout the ages into a working approach to calm your mind and regain focus. I urge you to spend some quality time finding the kind of meditation which suits you best because it can be life changing gaining control over your mind, body and soul. From mental peace comes happiness and success.

As society becomes more robotic, you need to become more natural. In practice, this means making a conscious effort to connect with nature on a daily basis. A walk in nature is much better for you than recycled air gym with artificial light. We all know the extremely good benefits of fresh air and sunlight, and walking near tress or water, yet surprisingly few people make this healthy experience part of their daily mantra. Technology pulls you into a fabricated world. Nature unwinds you.

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