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Applied Psychology digital enterprise.

Transcend your business competition with a psychological edge. 

Get the results you need to advance your company to optimum levels. 

Direct engagement.

Elite psychology concepts that connect.

Safe environment.





Cutting edge technology to surmount crowds.

Your clients will feel welcome and supported.

Stand out as a truly unique company.

"Psychology combined with technology is the future."

- Things happen for a reason. Winners work out what the reasons are.

Website building and hosting.

Applied Psychology website design and hosting is far more than obvious contemporary design with beautiful popular images. It's not all about looks and facade. From the outset the design of your website is based on a pre-set calculated strategy to engage your prospects on what's unique about your business at every turn and thought. 

A website which controls your destiny.

The internet is now over-saturated with billions of same-old website looks and pedestrian approaches to selling. Standing out in any way is more important than mediocrity. Your business requires a multi-faceted design which grabs all 16 personality types to seeing things your way. You simply can't afford to lose any prospects when profit margins are so tight. Applied Psychology maximizes your potential.

Logos penetrating the mind.

What you think or imagine works well as a logo is unlikely to get you customers. Applied Psychology works at a deeper level to make sure your company remains in people's minds and is recalled again when they need your services and expertise. Your business shall be projected above the rest.   

Logo and graphic design.

Your business logo is the flagship for your company and therefore must accurately represent its ethos, aesthetics and client demographic. Beyond that, your logo needs to be eye catching and oppose the norm so you stand out in the right way. I have over 25 years of art and design experience which you can benefit from.

Art and Architecture.

Bespoke, handcrafted design is making a big comeback. Vector and tattoo art is the new wave of contemporary design temporarily sweeping the white-cube look aside. Perhaps your company wants to invest in something really unique to show-off to clients? Be bold and commission a work of imagination.

Why it is best to choose Applied Psychology for digital enterprises?

People forget that they are not selling their product or services to a company; you are selling to a person or or group of people who make an informed decision based on what they see, think and feel. That is all about psychology, not technology. Technology is just a tool to aid and appeal to our primeval motivated brains. APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY can tap into those crucial buying emotions and give your clients what they want.

E.M.A. Psychology has been carefully developed over a period of 24 years by dissecting patterns from nature and turning them into workable psychological models. This same philosophy had been applied to the world of e-commerce with equally outstanding results. Nowadays your company has to do something different and better than your competitors to meet the high demands of a saturated market. Technology is losing millions of people jobs and APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY will be fighting your corner for business survival.   

Your business worries can be significantly reduced.

Not sure what Applied Psychology's digital strategy can do for you? Then contact me for a discussion on the best way for your company to move forward.

Life and business is about making the right choices.

The problem with life is it's long enough to make big mistakes and too short to get it just right.

Applied Psychology can save you time and money whilst delivering you a friendly, professional and flexible

worldwide service. 

Applied Psychology's Digital Enterprise offers you a

Worldwide Service. 


Website Building and Hosting

  • I create a high quality, bespoke website for you based on your specific requirements.

  • Hosting, a domain name and is SEO is all included for FREE in your monthly cost.

  • 1st month: 4 unique pages built, then subsequent months you choose to add pages, or focus more on hosting, etc. You are the director and in control.

a website

to inspire

  • You are told that the internet is the future, yet your existing website is seriously under-performing and possibly going nowhere. Many websites are dead ducks because the initial plan of direction is a failure. 

  • Remove your stress by allowing Applied Psychology to formulate a logical and thoughtful design based on psychology facts and figures. 

£100 a month


Logo Design

  • I shall create a unique and eye catching business logo for your company based on just over 10 years of professional art and design experience of knowing what people want to see.

  • Please contact me for a separate quote on any graphic design or architecture projects you have in mind. 

a mind meld


  • A logo is the visual heartbeat of your business. It's going to pop-up thousands of times across the www and must perform in less than a second. I can create the right pulse for you.

  • I sketch ideas, discuss, you choose, we move forward in tandem, the final concept is altered and adjusted until you are happy.

£400 a logo

Fine Art


  • I still paint private commissions for clients for extra interest when I have time. If you have a scene or portrait from a photo that you'd like to have painted in a modern figurative style, then please contact me for details.

  • Check out my painting page in the About Me menu bar to see the range of styles I use. All standard commissions are £500 + delivery charge. 

art that

moves you 

  • Bespoke art is very personal. It's a conceptual and emotional journey which takes your mind on inner travels. Art is expansive.

  • At the top level, making good art is about knowing when and how to use your energy combined with deft technique crafted over many years of hard work.

  • Direct a great work of art for display or to open an event.

£500 a painting

Get Applied Psychology to work for your future business interests now.

Contact Andrew Voller for further details or go straight ahead and pay for a business option above to get your business noticed worldwide.

And forgive yourself for any business mistakes made last year otherwise you can't move on.

For further details please contact me.