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Wellness Program

To love yourself is the beginning of kindness.

Depression is a blood clot

in a knackered mind

stopping work or drive,

struggling to survive.

It's like a disease 

that rots your will

until a tear of hope 

drops new light,

tearing black from white.



Life is the sky and the trees and you are happiest among the trees. Love nature and it will love you back. 

I’ve only ever been disappointed by people. Animals and nature have been a true pleasure.

A Good


Don't ask yourself what the point of life is. Ask yourself what relevant point you are going to have in life.

She was a woman who lit up the sky with fireworks, melting his heart & blazing his mind with limitless passion for her quirks & elegant grace. She felt weak in his presence and he knew it. Yet he waited to pluck this white mountain orchid to the tune of Spring.



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There are so many fake people on Twitter who pander to the PC bullies I'm thinking of opening an online bar and turning them into cocktail sticks or rainbow umbrellas.