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The difference between winners and losers is that winners are prepared to lose more frequently.

Genuine love is the greatest healer of stress and mental health problems.





Your thoughts define you and your beliefs.

Part of your assessment shall involve an analysis of the way you think and react.


Your character is the most important part about you and is like a movie; where a great internal team effort combines to make the unique person the world sees.


You can't change everything about yourself, but you can change your opinions, perspective and behavioural actions. Science has shown your biggest obstacle to change is society.


After necessity, your feelings should be your number 1 priority.


I shall listen a lot about the way you feel because this tells the most about you.  



It’s good to get things off your chest and ask for a fresh opinion on your situation and your problems. You can email, message me via social media or use the contact form below.


In your message, I would like you to be direct and honest, and tell me as much information about your problems as you can, so I have a good chance of finding the right solutions for you.


I respect anyone who has the courage to open-up and ask for help.

If you would like a totally free E.M.A. psychological assessment with no obligations attached, then simply just email or message me a description of the problems you are experiencing.

Everybody has problems. You have to face them or fall behind.

Your message and personal information is protected under the S.O.M. Confidentiality Policy, so there are no worries about sharing things about your life and the way you are feeling.

When life unfairly hands you an empty sandwich, roll your sleeves up and fill it with your own homemade destiny. You can do it!

Invest in yourself.

Stop going around in circles. Move forward.