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It can be very frustrating living in a human created zoo with rules and regulations everywhere from the day you're born. We were designed to live amongst nature. Nevertheless, here we are, so be determined that you'll put your happiness and family way before this money matrix.




9. Greed V 


Greed (Frenzy) V’s Non-Materialism (Generosity of Spirit):   


One large part of E.M.A. wellness involves teaching people core eternal values well worth having. Materialism is not sustainable and therefore not worth embracing. Furthermore, being greedy harms people and ourselves way more than society accepts or preaches. It is very difficult living honestly, fruitfully and generously in a profit and loss system. E.M.A. does its level best to find and then negotiate your real personality through an avarice based design.




My way of living rejects petty icons of status in favour of being decent and friendly.




This materialism and advertisement frenzy has made a lot of people very depressed because it’s actually a pointless concept to pursue. Buying something expensive is not an achievement. If superficial one-dimensional people want to flaunt ostentatious objects to be admired let them be delusional and have their delusional followers. Nothing beats the true love of another person or a bright sunny day which can’t be bought. Inheriting money frequently corrupts people, not makes them whole and happy. Keep up with yourself for good mental health, not the Joneses.




Our controlling society has turned lots of perfectly nice people into mean spirited egocentrics with a gold-rush type fever of envy. E.M.A. recognises the need to feel safe, so carefully tempers people’s natural wants within this network in a doable way. There is no escaping this high-flyer’s or peasant’s paradigm. Just keep things simple and believe in yourself and those you trust, and give the rest of the world the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.




We must fully accept UNFAIRNESS and do our daily best. And if that’s not good enough, you’re likely not doing your best. There is always more in the tank than we believe. Negativity hides energy that is there. It’s a question of knowing what to do, then confidently getting it done.




Life’s too short, they say. No it’s not, it actually goes on for ages for many folk, especially if you’re unhappy year-after-year? Constantly desiring more is insidious and plays the rich-man’s keys. If you partially divorce yourself from commercialism you will statistically be happier, more fulfilled, creative and feel a sense of relief.





Authroed by Andrew Voller             



Evil is always circling around waiting for its chance to get you when you're weak and vulnerable. So always stay in the light of kindness behind the solid shield of experience and your instincts.

Life is full of changes and if you don't respond positively to them you slowly die inside. Always embrace change as a great opportunity to discover more about you.

Having the life skills and deeper knowledge to identify evil in all it's many guises, will save you a lifetime of misery. Even a naive person knows evil: they just haven't learnt how to be strong enough to walk away.

To prevent yourself from slowly being pulled into darkness, you must make a conscious daily effort to seek happiness, strive for personal goals and always walk towards the light. You will always know the good light, but darkness is sly.

When we make the mistake of assuming future outcomes, most people drift towards negativity. The only moment you can predict is the one you're standing in. It's best to live in the present.

Even on your weakest days there are always faith embers inside which can be fired up to light the way to your destiny.

Your subconscious is powerful. We don't listen enough to these important underlying thoughts and feelings working away in the background without your say so. Don't control your subconscious. Just be aware of what's happening so you can guide your everyday life the right way.

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