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When your heart shines gold with love  and kindness, you care not what  possessions other people have. Craving  social status makes us mean spirited and  is a sign of stupidity. Be your own person,  not one of the scared sheep who can't be  trusted. Believe in yourself. 




8. Learning

About Nature

Absorbing and Learning About Nature:


We came from nature so it seems a good idea to try and return to it? Whether you be religious, agnostic, atheist, or indifferent, all of us feel a tremendous pull towards our ancestral spirituality – an alignment with the universe. We all like to know where we came and come from, but much more than that we want to be a part of the world in some tangible mental capacity. It is not good enough to think of nothing or to look out into the beautiful star filled night sky and believe it’s all for nothing; which it most probably is. We all hanker for and desire a meaning, praise and reward to our often ignored lives. Mother Nature transcends petty religious and monetary differences and can provide all we need.



For a start learning about nature in all its splendorous variety gets us to go outside: something magical and fundamental to our well-being. Sheep, cats, kingfishers, clouds and scorpions, billions more creatures and many weather phenomena, you will never get bored or know everything – it’s infinite, inexhaustible and fantastically interesting! A love and synergy with nature cures a lot of mental ills. 



Understanding our natural place helps us recognise ourselves. Being amongst nature is like looking in the mirror of our souls, or it could just be a really nice walk with a dog?



Around 38,000 years ago during the Palaeolithic era, modern man (Homo sapiens) often hungry, cold and wet, nevertheless still conjured the time to create paintings on rocks (parietal art), burial and ritual spiritualistic behaviours. This spiritual necessity, present in all of us nowadays, needs fulfilling to satiate our longing to be loved by more than our parents.

Authored by Andrew Voller



No matter what rotten cabbage life throws at you when you're down and out and trapped in someone else's stocks, always keep a confident vision of your dreams in a firm self-belief. Dreams are not just there to make the truth sing; they also exist to pull you out of troubled times.

Everyone has a heart of darkness within which could pump black blood into your mind if misfortune, trauma or abuse befalls. Nice people just have a good habit of ignoring the call of evil by noticing the misery that always accompanies power.

Love, honesty, integrity, hope and honour are just a few great qualities money can't buy. In fact, thinking about it, money can't buy you anything of real worth.

Why not think the best about yourself all day long every day. The world is full of critics. Don't be your own. From unhappiness, rise like a phoenix!

Nothing quite beats the sound of silence. Your mind is at peace when you forgive your enemies their failings and equally don't let the truth weigh you down; rather use any enlightenment as a ladder to reality and success.

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