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When you spend some quality time in a  national park or forest you always end  up  thinking, 'I should do this more often'.  Make time for nature because it's always  good for you. 




7. The Past

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Dealing with the Past (Skeletons, Tragedy, Unkindness and Heartbreak):


We can’t put the past behind us until we gain a future worth having. It’s a question of perspective.


It is common for an artist to try and immediately replicate a previous aesthetic success that has critiqued well. It is common place for everyone on any topic to copy their model of success hoping for another reward. But a copied variation will never yield the same honest full ripe fruit as before. It is a transparent mistake to echo what was good, apart from nice memories made better by the distance in time.




People live their lives through past events for a dozen or so reasons:


1. To recreate what was good.


2. Fear of moving forward to new lands.


3. Scolded by tragedy or bullying, we can become frozen and trapped in that unhappy zeitgeist.


4. Greed took us to high status plains we know we can’t create again.


5. A person can’t face getting older.


6. Being heartbroken and/or lonely.


7. An unwillingness to accept bad contemporary social changes.


8. Have had a breakdown and lack the energy to evolve and grow.


9. Unemployed and unable or unwilling to get a job.


10. Excessive melancholia, sentimentality and too thoughtful, sensitive or maudlin to change.


11. Addiction holding you back.


12. Stuck indoors all day for whatever reason: agoraphobia, stay-at-home-mum or dad, etc.




Ex moments, memories, jobs, people, family and friends are usually EX for a good reason. We should only live in the past a little bit, just enough to prevent mistakes from repeating and fond memories to surface. To prevent nostalgia dragging us back, we must constantly build our personalities and maintain a healthy social arena.





Authored by Andrew Voller     



Money is more than just an organisational tool and means to live. The foul love of money makes people love each other less. Rise above Materialism by learning how to enjoy your emotions.

The fear of death is a great motivating force to achieve what you have to before time argues otherwise. Or least it should be if we weren't all so wrapped up in our little worlds. Great people make the very most of their time on this beautiful planet.

There's no point forming any relationship if you have no forgiveness in your heart. Just knowing that forgiveness is available makes you able to love others with respect.

The only way to change anyone who is full of anger is by being as nice, kind and reasonable as possible. Nothing else works.

Those who accept a negative fate become unhappy. You must always fight for your dreams every day because stars of destiny can be moved.

I've always seen the moon as a symbol of hope and have no idea why.

Forgiving someone shows you understand that life is not black and white. Forgiveness goes beyond the facts.

There is often a misconception that nice people are weak or victims because they choose to back down from pointless confrontation. Nice people are considerate, frequently clever and the foundation to holding local communities together.

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