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There is often a misconception that nice  people are weak or victims because they  choose to back down from pointless  confrontation. Nice people are  considerate, frequently clever and the  foundation to holding local communities  together. 




5. Life Planning

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Life Direction and Planning (Allowing a focus on life to overwhelm time-consuming mental illness):

For peace of mind we all need to know what realistically we are going to achieve. Without a good life plan and direction, someone else’s direction will find us.



It is common for individuals suffering from mental illness to waste lots of time juggling the inner complexities of their own world, instead of allowing the correct course to pull, guide and draw them through difficult tiring times. The right path to take is one that presents many obstacles worth overcoming.



Our heart’s knowledge often tells us if we’re going astray, but the exploitative system we live in continuously confuses the clear line between good and evil, right and wrong, by presenting mass hysteria, unhelpful trends and fashions, and a ‘more is more’ doctrine. From an early age most of us are taught that greed is good or as one person commented about their child to me, “I’d rather she was a bit of a bully than gets bullied.” That seems to sum up the modern mentality. A single-minded selfishness scrambles honest directions, genuine causes and ruins what could have been good about someone. So much potential is wasted in the face of the ME, ME, ME philosophy, and many people’s feeling are hurt along the way.



When you have found your true cause and direction, your life becomes whole and makes sense, you want for very little, gain pleasure in seeing happiness in others, need just one friend to share success with, feel enthused about nearly everything, laugh at yourself and crack jokes with other people a fair amount, and most of your socially infected Damocles anxiety goes away. Your true calling involves looking in the mirror of your ideas without seeing your own reflection peering back.

Authored by Andrew Voller

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I love it when someone pleasantly surprises you with their talent or something good about them. Its not that you didn't think they were a clever clogs; it's just you didn't realize how clever. Try and keep your talents humble because they'll inspire more people that way.

Never forget that everyone makes mistakes. It's called a learning curve. The only big mistake you can make in life is not accepting your faults and rising above them when you get the chance.

What the world needs is a lot more love. There are so many lonely and unloved people around that life can seem frightening. Love the ones that love you with everything you've got.

Forgiveness and understanding are the greatest psychological tools for moving on and following the written line to your destiny.

If you love someone then make sure they feel your love daily.

Life brings you a few significant crossroads and you must have the courage when the time comes to follow the way that is best for everyone, including you.