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Sometimes the best change you can ever   make is changing your thinking about  the  past. You obviously cannot change  the past, and this unshakable fact can pin  your mind right down to base level. But  the past is no longer real because it has  gone. The only reality is the present. 




4. Organising


Organising (Conditioning) Our External Movements and Reactions:

Our bodies don’t know who we are and are almost always on our side. The mind reacts to society; the body generally does as it is told. So the body’s automatic responses can be used in reverse to counter bad decisions. I.e. we can focus our attention on the body’s needs - ignoring the minds control – to create a fair distribution of biological necessities and balance. In straightforward terms, if we can’t get through to the brain’s tirade of unhappy patterns, then the body can help out by reminding us what we were born to do.



E.M.A. designs a flexible, but regular discipline of our bodies to prevent chaos ruining things. Chaos is mental illness, which can be stopped by knowing and accepting our limits and following boring healthy set patterns until they become familiar and autonomic. Chaos only gets a hold when we allow ourselves to become overloaded, tired-out and scatter-brained. You can only do one thing at a time.



By knocking-off our daily, weekly, half-yearly, long-term and ambitious job lists’, one-by-by one, we begin to assess the true value of each task and constantly see and cross a finishing line in sight, which is very healthy and prevents you from becoming overwhelmed. A combination of continuous organisational momentum, sound medical advice (by a good doctor), light exercise and sunshine, doing some new things, correct muscular reactions, copying and being with others, and plenty of good sleep and meditation, all act as prophylactics to mental anarchy. 





Authored by Andrew Voller  



In adulthood, we do not lose our childhood creativity. Instead, society actively discourages self-expression and freedom of thought. Being creative is one of the best ways to escape anxiety, explore your emotions and gain knowledge of the world and yourself. Everyone is creative.

Sometimes it's just not worth trying much at all with someone who wants to see bad in everything. Leave really negative people be and let them get on with it themselves because they won't appreciate your efforts. Accepting defeat and moving on is sometimes the best winning move.

When a dark night falls upon your mind, dream of better times and bright daylight will appear.

It can be very frustrating living in a human created zoo with rules and regulations everywhere from the day you're born. We were designed to live among nature. Nevertheless, here we are, so be determined that you'll put your happiness and family way before this money matrix.

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