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Even in the furor of battle, a calm mind  prevails. There is no circumstance in  which a calm response isn't best.  Therefore, you must be calm most of the  time to guarantee a happy life. 




3. Internal




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Organising Our Internal Thoughts and Patterns:

Coming to terms with our good and bad qualities, possibly demons or even angelic resemblances, is something that happens inside of us. You can’t grow with depressed mental roots, sodden with guilt, remorse, self-pity and no vision of where to leaf.



Inside our minds there are billions of places unhappiness can be stored. It is not a case of drawing out discontent, but more about starving unwanted negativity with self-awareness, understanding our feelings, adopting reasonable set patterns, singular thinking and level perspective.



Just knowing what a fraction of your mind is up to is good enough to stop generating malcontent. Our brains are like a pride of fierce lions that cannot be tamed, unlike our actions, but this chaos can be worked with and some aspects trained. The obvious, first-come-first-served thoughts often flower strange clusters of unproductive repetition. These convoluted jumbles can be uncoiled, sifted through, re-organised and spliced back into a healthy strand of thoughts. It is possible to meet our emotions, walk side-by-side with them in peace and agree on a new way and positive disposition.



When we keep feeling and seeing the faces of our emotional array until they are nearly all familiar, then it is a lot easier to negotiate a new character. We must learn from and befriend our thoughts.





Authored by Andrew Voller        

If you have the heart to forgive, all doors and pathways will always be open to you. Forgiveness is the eternal gateway to social progress and personal transcendence.

Beautiful sounds from nature and great music are such underused tools to lighten your mood. A good dance beat awakens your spirit and a unique voice can harp your soul into bliss. Music is uplifting, inspirational and also teaches you to listen better to people: a win win!

Many people feel their lives are too routine, banal and even black and white at times. Learning meditation is an extremely effective mind tool which allows you to see rainbow colors in the most boring of gray days.

A negative person often feels the need to criticize others because they're not brave enough to do what really needs doing; criticising themselves.

When money becomes your driving force, your soul can't grow.

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