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Fight the


The only time it's too late to change and  move on from a negative past is only  when you think it's too late. Perception,  perspective, a higher purpose and the law  of nature insist that you can always  move  positively on from traumas. If you  did  wrong once, then do good twice. 




2. Communicating

and Socialising

Ways to Talk to People and Friendship Choices:


One dictionary definition of the word ‘society’ is, “the condition of those living in companionship with others, or in a community, rather than in isolation.” And, “person’s associated together.” The word “community” comes up a lot too. In this respect we do not live in a society, we have a bad monetary system instead which splits and scatters communities apart.



There are so many in-groups and out-groups now that most people struggle to find their place. The core problem is losing our identity in a corrupt system. This simply makes us unsure of what worthwhile attributes are and what false hollow promises are. Many people now struggle to find their social home and this leads to isolation and mental illness. So it’s deeply important to identify who and what are worth knowing and dealing with.



Nearly all of us need a small circle of friends to moan to and have fun with. Mixing is paramount to our survival. E.M.A. teaches us how to help others in need without being drained and how to find the right people for you by aping half of them and being lots of you. Other people are to be learnt from and enjoyed, not despised. Very few people have the character and mental fortitude to live happily on their own, but it is possible if always positively enthused about everything around.  



People discovery and finding a soul-mate is a question of time. If you’re putting people off exhibiting manic, depressive, lonely traits, etc, then rejection after failure will just obviously intensify these blockers and knock your confidence further. Friendship should be a supportive game of give and take; a mutual exchange of common goals and interests with the occasional surprise. We like to be ourselves with someone just like ourselves. Don’t forget the useful phrase ‘reasonable compromise’ though, which leads to compassion and forgiveness. If nobody you like will meet you half way then you’re in the wrong place. 

Authored by Andrew Voller



Anxiety has a way of orbiting your mind like a dark moon. Stop the negative circles by focusing on one direction only: the right way for you to move forward. Don't let anxiety's black hole drag you back into the past. Gravitate towards all things positive and full of light.

If you can always act patiently and stay calm, you have cracked it! They are two under-used and old fashioned virtues needed now more than ever in these stressy financial times.

The worst thing about feeling really depressed or anxious is not remembering or even knowing that you don't have to feel that way at all because you've got so used to feeling bad. There is always a good way forward out of trouble.

Even if you love moaning all day long you should be grateful for your time on Earth. What a great opportunity being born is! Life is a chance to love, see beautiful countryside and give new life and wisdom to family. Life is simply wonderful!

All of my psychology ideas come from nature because of its healing power. Psychology should be a natural countermeasure to our false city paradigm, not building a pill on a pill philosophy.

You won't ever be happy unless you work for your happiness. Happiness is a life skill that doesn't drop from the sky. Try not to look for it; make happiness.

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