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The only reason you may ever doubt   yourself is because other people have   made you feel that way. Therefore, don't   listen to gossip, jealousy or ignorant   reflections. Listen to your heart.  




10. Having Fun!

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Top on the agenda is having fun. Every time we laugh we can’t be sad. It’s a simple binary equation.


Happiness, air, fun, laughter, smiling, giggle, amusing, convivial, enjoyment, merry, lively, pleasant, witty, celebration, clowning, joking, relaxation, picnic, tomfoolery, whoopee and rejoicing in the sun. Remember all of them? They are your best friends from now on.


We have fun by making the most of our little spare time and introducing as much comedy and colourful personality accepted into our working and chore-filled family lives. When you are totally fed-up with your job it’s probably time to brave a change or at least engineer a fresh circumlocutory new approach? If you are taking yourself very seriously… WEIJNDJNDOFEF (pressing the keys randomly to be silly). Dichotomise the difference between thinking highly of the self and knowing how much the world values you. 


The most impact you will ever be likely to have on anything is a person who needs and wants you. A miniscule number of nut cases and/or geniuses have had any significant impact on the way the globe rotates, so to speak. We are pips to nature, but mountains to those who love us.  


Debauchery comes in many heinous guises. I’m talking about having honest-to-good fun, making pure and simple achievements, balancing a morally sound ideology with alternate methodologies, as well as valuing and protecting the innocent so they can enjoy life too.

Authored by Andrew Voller

To be happy you must believe that your dreams can come true otherwise the stars in the night's sky are just crystal lies and the moon a broken plate of hope.

You know those totally self-absorbed people who don't even listen to a word you say? They are often spoilt individuals. Don't be friends with them because you'll eventually turn into deadwood.

There is every good reason in the world to run your whole life on your instincts because they never let you down.

If a friend stabs you in that back, the next time you see them you must use all of your energy to look as cheerful as a spring lamb. Never let your enemies see you down even if you're sinking like the Titanic inside.

If you have the courage to walk into your own darkness to find yourself, you will discover that evil hasn't the stamina and integrity of the light of goodness.

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