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If you really want to you can turn 

virtually anything bad about your life  into  something positive. Change happens  when you want it and accept that only 

you have the power to change your mind. 




1. Higher Purpose

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Why have a higher purpose? Why not just exist and always take the easiest, least stressful path? Essentially, for three good reasons:


1. To stop people exploiting you and others in the future.

2. We need some adversity to achieve anything worth having.

3. It breeds positivity all round, inspiring others to do good.   



The world will always be full of people pouncing on misfortune. If we “find ourselves”, really discover what we are best at doing and aspire to improve these good traits, then this not only helps others but creates a protective cordon around your hustle-and-bustle working psyche. It prevents you from becoming superficial.



If life is handed to you on a silver platter then you won’t value anything you have; obvious, but true. Toil and heartache with resolution mixed with success places you in a sturdy and resilient position. The weakness of our strongest facet, imagination, is it can easily convince itself you have accomplished something good when you haven’t. Humans are good at delusional behaviour because the truth is sometimes tiring and disappointing. The point of a higher purpose is it’s not achievable by you alone or even in your time?



Enlightenment has nothing to do with making money. Having a higher purpose is the best way to take part in humanity and shows you are not selfish. One very good act often sprouts many similar acts of kindness and creativity. It is possible to internally and externally build without destroying other creatures. Sharing is a higher purpose.




Authored by Andrew Voller

The world is full of dog-eat-dog nastiness and always has been. It's so easy amidst the tiredness and confusion of life to forget all the beauty and kindness too. Do your best to plant a little of your goodness in our world every day.

You know in your heart if you need to change your mindset when everything feels like its stacking up and you're going backwards. Summon the courage to change and you will feel proud of yourself. Make the rocky past a memory, not a lifestyle.

Two alternate ways to see life: 1. NEGATIVE: Constantly moving objects and yourself around in a rush, cleaning and negotiating many financial decisions. 2. POSITIVE: Always enjoying improving yourself and the journey of life, making the most of special times and being calm.

If you feel it's going to be a dark day ahead, then retreat to your light within until you're ready to pick up your sword and shield again to fight on!

I have good laughs in tall green grass. I see the keys to happiness in trees. And I learn from prehistoric fern. A good spirit can grow from nature's show.

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