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apple rainbow's

main characters ®

Launa Bumblebee

(appearing in all 4 novels)


Launa is central to all 4 novels. Her character represents the limitations that truth and honesty hold, in our complex and frequently deceitful society. Also she has a dynamic and diverse creative mind, which struggles to find reason and sense in a fixed financial system. In many respects she is a polite and co-operative anarchist, who refuses to be beaten-down by overbearing men, an unjust and unfair society, or especially by psychological limitations.


Launa loves nature and has a charitable, kind disposition. Through exploring other ways of thinking about life and then finding her core character, she opens her mind to the possibility that life is only a trap if we choose to see it that way. Her high-fantastical discoveries show us the rich and diverse nature of positive imagination and how this and nature alike, can be harnessed by anyone to create a fulfilling and happy existence. Launa slowly, but surely, becomes complete and balanced after wading and negotiating her way through evil obstacles - finding the good light of peace. 


Immersing ourselves in Launa’s bi-polar emotions, in Apple rainbow, we travel back in time, crunch the dry leaves of modern philosophy and begin some baby footsteps towards an enlightened spiritual awakening, with a twist of fate at the end.  


Launa is a good mum who gives her family and life everything she’s got.

(appearing in all 4 novels)

Katy Bumblebee & Noray


Both Katy and Noray (Dolphin Girl) is one-and-the-same person from two different dimensions in the universe.


Katy is Launa’s four year old daughter who gets mummy to connect with her conscience – guiding Launa’s spiritual improvements with the help of Katy’s alter ego, Noray. Behind the scenes, Katy – the cute little munchkin – is a representation of Launa’s wayward imagination. Mental illness comes in many veiled guises and Katy has a good habit of pulling open the curtains of reality to Launa’s darkness, revealing sunshine, fun, an abundance of love and all things nice.


Katy makes Launa’s life real and worth living. Without her little bundle of joy, life seems lost. It was purely coincidental that my daughter was four when I wrote the book.

Aaron Cody

(in novel 1 & 2)


Aaron is a psychiatrist in Apple Rainbow, who treats Launa for depression and a series of complex and common psychological conditions. His brief, yet significant injection into the book serves to show how any problem can be surmounted, how help is available to everyone experiencing mental illness and also instructs the limitations of psychology.


The character of Aaron negatively sees nearly all people as sheep-like – without personality or a point to life. He dreams of the great potential of Man, but deals daily with the negative consequences of a failing political system. Launa is cleverer than Aaron, but he possesses the all important applied knowledge to turn her life around for the better. Brains are no good without purpose and a calm demeanour.


Aaron is an essential stepping-stone to Launa’s phenomenal future success in book two (Wearing Marshmallows), where they have a disagreement and go their separate ways.

Benjamin Beauchêne

(in Apple Rainbow)


Benjamin is a dark horse. He was written into the fabric of the plot to expose some disgusting upper-middle-class attitudes towards any culture that isn’t wealthy and white. Also, being the victim of poverty from an early age, Ben, the colossal black giant, provides an opportunity to show mercy and kindness in all its generous light.


Humanity’s time on planet Earth hangs in the balance between greed, real intelligence and forgiveness. Ben’s character is like coin tossed into the air, not knowing where it will land until the very last second. He symbolises Man’s knife-edge existence and is very good at utilising military knives too.   


Each character symbolises an elemental force from nature: Benjamin is the strength of trees.     

Christine the Cat (AKA Cleopatra)

(in novel 1 and 2)


Christine the cat is a true bitter-and-twisted cynic. Somewhere along the road to riches, Christine’s life didn’t pan out as well as hoped, so she tries to blame everyone else for her misfortune. She lives a cushy tuna and fresh liver lifestyle, but is never happy, so begins delusions of grandeur as the reincarnation of Queen Cleopatra whom all must obey! Yet instead, everyone just ignores and makes fun of her so Christine (aka Cleo) becomes very, very sad and depressed. She even considers suicide in the Bumblebee’s gas oven.


Christine is very intelligent and resents her inferior, Launa, ruling the roost, so she comes up with a risky plot to finish her master off, once and for all. This hatred inside Cleo manifests itself in a compressed fur ball which releases somewhere along her angry trail of discontentment during Wearing Marshmallows (novel 2), when Christine loses someone close to her from the past. The shock breaks her spirit and she begins to reflect upon her actions, questioning her obstinate ways. Through her pain, we see how bitter blows life can throw us can twist a normal person into madness: society causes mental illness, not genetics.