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What you want is a viable psychological system that helps you throughout the whole of your life. This Care Program is for you. 




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Earthborn Meta-Animation (E.M.A.) is about teaching people to be their own psychologist or parent in order to lead a full and prosperous emotional and philosophical life. To help this happen, a well planned out psychological platform (database) has been written by me, Andrew Voller, to ensure everyone’s individual problems are understood and countered correctly. Everyone has problems and we all need help at some point in our lives. Asking for help takes more courage and is far more effective than running away from reality.





Each person’s worries and problems are unique. Yet everyone reacts roughly the same when confronted with fear, anxiety, disillusionment, loneliness and a lack of social identity. Many animal species react similarly to us when isolated and mentally cornered too. It is worth noting that mammals very rarely exhibit disturbed or abnormal behaviour in the wild unless consumed by illness. We see from animals alone that when confined to an unnatural setting (zoo, cage, etc), especially away from lots of their own kind and accustomed natural foraging or hunting rituals, multiple counts of depressed posturing, metronomic pacing, aggressive retaliatory behaviour, increased scenting, etc, are behaviours exhibited through boredom and mainly stress. By observing animals as well as humans it is clear to conclude that mental illness is almost entirely caused by our unnatural setting and lack of investment and care in people’s emotional needs.



E.M.A. constantly gets us to acknowledge and accept that society is unfair and always has been. Scaling, falling and climbing social ladders is what we are and do, and that cannot be changed. But what we strive for can. There are all round benefits adopting a non-materialistic mind-set. What you may lose (false friends, some status, etc) is more than made up for with increased happiness, real achievements and a strong feeling you are on the right course. Our destiny does not lie with dog-and-bone advertisement and buying. We are far greater than that.  



Madness is a socially created sequence of negative gestures and experiences instilled unwillingly into its controlled citizens triggering depressed displays. An average of about 3% of people from small remote villages and tribes exhibit western mental illness identifiers (such as anxiety, mania, etc) and our more technologically advanced and apparently more civilized system produces a staggering approximate 25% of mentally ill individuals! And they are the official cases documented which obviously doesn’t include anyone experiencing mental problems who refuses or is worried about seeking medical advice. In simplified terms, mental illness is not genetic; it is social.



The low tribal statistic for emotional problems (in many reports as low as 0.5 %) is just slightly higher than odd behaviour exhibited by wild animals (albino, ill, outcast from their group or herd, genetically malformed, etc). I add albino into the example and quickly point out it is a simple genetic difference (inherited in an autosomal recessive condition) and obviously nothing abnormal in our society at all. Yet albino animals are always picked on in the wild and often killed or hunted first. Anything which is different is immediately tested first then bullied; that is our way too. After all, we are human with more intelligent brains than any other species, so that increased capacity to think augments an opportunity to get things out of perspective and context. Mental illness is often the ability to negatively daydream well. By solving the food finding problem we have a lot more time and scope to explore our thoughts and desires than other mammals, which can lead us awry. 



Keeping my analysis straightforward, we clearly see the valued time well-knit small communities invest in all members of their village, this being one of the main differences between our high depression and their high level of happiness. They have plenty of worries too, but on the whole are miles more content than the city vacuum-packed citizen who values friendship less and less as multifarious tasks erode their time. Also, the simplicity of tribal politics and living in a natural environment contributes heavily to becoming a well-rounded, caring and compassionate people. Do you know your neighbour, maybe, the ones three or four doors down, probably not, people in the next road, unlikely, everyone in your town, no?



Our society has too many in-groups and out-groups all jostling to find their place in a society lost in the enormity of a city landscape. It’s OK to have thousands of people all creating busy business, but because we don’t have a local community arena where everyone in the local area has a common interest and reason to meet and co-operate together – helping each other – no real community spirit exists, essential for the easier, friendly, helpful, supportive, familiar and caring society we all need and subconsciously miss. The development of mega-complex societies and big-block scenery has not gone well for our essential emotional needs. Feelings don’t like to be boxed; they need nurturing and caring for and that takes time, effort and reciprocal commitment.    



If the cure is creating a better society, we could be waiting a long time, possibly forever, as humanity is well versed in producing the same peak-and-trough cycle of power investments throughout history. Prescription drugs are by no means the perfect solution, but if an individual feels weighed-down by the enormity or futility, etc, of their lives or life in general, then anything that helps could be a good start or permanent partial solution to one’s psychological problems. Equally, a person’s brain may not be wired – set-up – well to deal with such a false, unnatural social paradigm. In that case too medication could solve part, half or even all of your problems? Please thoroughly discuss all mental health issues with your doctor at length and do not feel afraid or embarrassed in any way: if it helps it helps, be it successfully enhancing synapse communication or even the placebo effect. If you feel any stigma attached then keep it a secret from anyone who may prejudice, and confide in understanding family or friends instead. Remember, caring too much about what others and the world thinks is common among people struggling with mental health issues. It’s important to do the right things for all concerned, including yourself first, and this cannot be achieved by hampering yourself with unnecessary rules and self-imposed constraints. Nearly every problem has an expedient solution.



Alternatively, to a fair society we haven’t got and need, we have antidepressants, friendships, family love, laughter and not taking things too seriously, direct problem solving, knocking off the job list slowly, being calm, insouciant conversation, woodland and park walks, connecting with nature, sex, film watching escapism (not too much), comedy shows, entertainment, romance, sunshine, snow, creativity (not too much), exercise (not too much), and many other alternatives and substitutes for healthy, non-profit village living. These are all things that can prevent or help greatly when confronted with emotional upset, trauma or depression, etc. Everything done in balance and moderation of course, otherwise a highlight can become a cause of discontent if flogged to death.     



What does E.M.A. do to counter Humanity’s fundamental evolutionary mistakes? For a start it faces a few home truths about the place we live in, the people we share the planet with and the way we individually react to what’s going on. It’s no good progressing under a shadow of false social network assumptions, unreal interpretations of others judgments and/or a blanket of disguises covering our expressive feelings. There’s the world out there, our home life and the thoughts in our brain: three perspectives all fighting for dominance to achieve peace.

Authored by Andrew Voller



Nighttime dreams are the best part of us we know nothing about. They float in and out of fantasy and stories whilst trying to organise life chaos. Poor little dreams that work so hard for you and only receive doubts and questions for payment.

Most philosophy is a dead duck which doesn't work in real life because not one idea has ever conquered greed, yet we are supposed to pay philosophy reverence or sound ignorant. A simple fact: it's not a philosophy if it doesn't hold wisdom that can help you in contemporary life.

If you replace money worshiping with a love of Karma then good fortune and opportunity will knock on your door when you most need it. A lust for money has a bitter meanness attached to every thought. But goodwill for all Mankind is as pleasing to the mind as sweet honey to taste.

There's nothing more beautiful in life than having a baby smile at you. Children are the most important citizens because they hold the mantle of Humanity. The more genuine love they receive, the better their lives and the planet will be.

So many people feel lost and lonely in our city society because Materialism has taught us to see money and possessions as the bench mark for success. However, real success and achievement is having principles and love in your heart, overcoming your weaknesses and being happy.

Sometimes in life all you can do to fight inequality, injustice and monstrous unfairness in all their twisted forms, is to offer the world your emotional balance.

Mental illness is the worst illness in the world because it's the most prolific illness, it kills through suicide and the patient's suffering is often unseen, and therefore unappreciated and uncared for.

If you have the courage to walk into your own darkness to find yourself, you will discover that evil hasn't the stamina and integrity of the light of goodness.

Love ebbs and flows like the ocean and is the greatest tropical holiday of the mind you will ever experience. Without love, the world may as well stop going round for Humanity.

Who cares what the world thinks of you as long as you've done your best, had lots of fun and achieved some life goals. Life is for living, not apologizing all the time for just being you.

Your subconscious is powerful. We don't listen enough to these important underlying thoughts and feelings working away in the background without your say so. Don't control your subconscious. Just be aware of what's happening so you can guide your everyday life the right way.

You never know what to expect from life. Therefore, worrying about anything is second guessing the unknown. Worrying is fruitless so enjoy as many moments in the present as you can. The future is only for where your dreams are.

Nothing quite beats the sound of silence. Your mind is at peace when you forgive your enemies their failings and equally don't let the truth weigh you down; rather use any enlightenment as a ladder to reality and success.

Your soul has stunted growth when money becomes your reason for living. Make happiness your driving force instead and live in peace.

Darkness gives our achievements the light they deserve. People don't pat themselves on the back enough because life is hard - albeit enjoyable. Nobody ever got anywhere meaningful without trying their very best! Whether you win or lose, it's the trying that counts.

In every landscape there is darkness trying to pick away at your spirits. Stay clear of the temptation to fight evil or risk entering its eternal vortex. Always keep sight of your goals and grand vision to prevent mental erosion.

When life hands you an empty sandwich, roll your sleeves up and fill it with your own homemade destiny.

Life is the sky and seas and you are happiest among trees. Love nature and it will love you back.

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