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Incorporate Applied Psychology Digital Enterprise strategy into your business and be competitive.  

Is your business struggling to get noticed but you are too busy or don't know how to promote yourself online?

If you haven’t the time to invest online then Applied Psychology can do the time consuming work for you at a fraction of the cost of mainstream media campaigns. Interested, then read on…

Evidence shows that the majority of small business owners throw their company onto the internet with next to no fixed strategy and this leads to failure.


You cannot ignore the power of e-commerce in gaining prospects and important leads to your business.

My name is Andrew Voller and I am a practicing online counselor and expert psychology strategist. In just 5 months I have recently transferred my 4 year UK phone therapy business into a successful online psychology business using a simple, yet very effective strategy developed from E.M.A. Psychology. To find out how, keep reading or sign up now...



Few businesses are going to survive in the future without a positive internet presence.

I’ve spent a lot of years developing a flexible psychological strategy to help all different types of clients. I currently have a 91% client success ratio which is over two and a half times above the national average. This adaptability has been the key to my therapy success and now I’ve translated the same bespoke style of psychology to business enterprises. 

The internet is currently undergoing a massive technological revolution which results in SEOs and other common web hosting tactics now being virtually obsolete.


Google and other huge internet foundations have programmed control over who gets seen and who doesn’t based on payments. If you don’t know how to play the e-commerce game, your money and a great deal of time will be totally wasted.


Applied Psychology has created a simple strategy which works.  

My main approach is to focus on the human element of e-commerce.


Internet systems change rapidly, but people’s needs and wants remain reasonably fixed. Knowing how to find and connect with your potential new clients is my field of expertise. Psychology forms choices and I want you to be their number 1 choice.


Don't be yourself. Become the person that makes you happy. 


There is no other business exactly the same as yours and I will promote its uniqueness so you are not lost in an ocean of competition.

At the end of the day you are selling your product or services to people and every person follows the same patterns when deciding to choose you or to go elsewhere. Fear, mixed emotions and spontaneity are the main elements people experience when choosing and if you guide your prospects the right way, they will pick your business every time!


If you are interested in benefiting from the Applied Psychology Digital Enterprises, below is a brief outline of what I can offer you:

1. Firstly, I shall research your business thoroughly and find out about your ethos and the type of clients you want. Then I will form a specific internet business model and decide upon the psychological style of delivery which best represents your company.


2. After we agree upon the strategy, I begin to incorporate a planned series of well worked out visuals and hooks to draw more custom to you.​


3.  You shall also receive constructive feedback on all aspects of your business with a view to improvement: looking at your website in detail; your business logo and general design; your overall business strategy and many other aspects.

Social and factory technology produces unemployment and austerity. If you don’t want to become another one of the approximate 20,000 businesses going out of business every year in the UK, then you must learn how to play the E-game efficiently.


Applied Psychology believes in maximizing your finances.

Don't bother carrying messages of wisdom to ignorant people because they'd rather shoot you than change their behaviour. 

If your opinion counts then put some effort into getting it heard.

You'll never know how great you can be if you let your fears stop you from trying.

Applied Psychology also offers you logo and graphic design packages, as well as fine art and architectural design. Please contact Andrew Voller for all inquiries.  


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Get started.

Online business improvements take time and expertise to perfect. Take the time pressure off yourself and let Applied Psychology work for you.

Confidence is the chocolate cookie which completes your coffee.


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