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The Deadly Coronavirus

All talk of UK Brexit plans have ended and democracy will be buried yet again. It’s a cynical game, where one crisis overlaps the last in comic book fashion. Stock markets lower, the billionaires buy everything up and then manufacture the resolution of the crisis, making them more useless billions. And in the meantime Joe public picks up the tab, struggles to keep afloat and many lose their jobs and businesses. We can all self-isolate, but it will only take 2-6 weeks before millions of people with no savings run out of money to live. The banks profit again from rising debt. Certainly, huge government over-reactions of shutting countries down over a virus which kills millions less people than existing cholera, TB, slavery, HIV, etc, suggests something afoot. Perhaps this is a depopulation training exercise or scientific experiment for mass extermination? Much more likely though, it serves 3 main purposes to the ruling elite:


1. The collapse of the system allows billionaires to buy up property for next to nothing, making them billions when they engineer the recovery. It will also crush small to medium sized business who can’t survive the economic drought and the global companies are left with no competition. By shutting the system down itself we could easily get millions more non-coronavirus related deaths.


2. Capitalism is rapidly approaching financial collapse because it’s not sustainable and printing unlimited money. Therefore, they need a good excuse to cover-up the collapse by blaming it on a virus to justify borrowing billions from their own banks to pay people to live. The taxpayer will foot the bill in the end, again.


3. The rulers get to keep people living in fear which is great for their businesses. Advertisement thrives off fear and manipulation. A blinkered public worried about where the next toilet roll might come from is easy to manipulate. We feel a sense of powerlessness because we’re reliant on their companies for everything. We make very little, show very little inventiveness and resourcefulness, and grow virtually nothing ourselves.            



Nature always has the last say anyway. It does seem that uncannily every 100 years or so nature makes an attempt to wipe us out: the 1720-23 Marseille bubonic plague, 1817-24 cholera outbreak, 1918-20 Spanish flu and now the Coronavirus, 2019-20. With a rational mindset, this would suggest it's a natural attack on our species alone. And obviously no-one looking to eradicate their opposition would release a virus that could kill them too. Man-made it wasn't. The big difference nowadays is that for the first time in history we have sophisticated science which can beat nature's balancing act. At least two drugs are looking like they cure all patients. One saving grace for me is the relatively minimal impact this is having on children. For that we must be grateful because they haven't lived their lives yet.



Whether deliberately released for profit, natural occurrence or part of a biological weapons program, we are on the front line of just toilet roll hoarders and other minor shortages. This isn’t wartime rationed Britain sleeping on the Underground platforms, which my late Nan, Louise, who lived in central London described to me in detail. The main difference is that during the war, she said there was a terrific community spirit and camaraderie. I see some of that now, but not much. There have actually been punch-ups over bog roll, lol. Citizens are generally more stupid and less resourceful than they used to be 100+ years ago.



Thanks to our corrupt leaders deliberately breaking down the family unit for profit and their depopulation plans, this is now the prime age of selfishness, sheep-like behaviour and lost souls. You must fight back with reason, intelligence, kindness and calm. How you shop, act and help others in this global crisis defines you as a person.



It's natural to focus on the most negative outcome in a crisis. That's your survival instincts kicking in. However, be mindful that lots of people who have the coronavirus don't even know they have it. Stay indoors if you think that’s best or you can and most certainly isolate and help vulnerable people who could really suffer, like the elderly, disabled, asthma sufferers, etc. The key to surviving any difficult times with dignity is to see the funny side of things and to communicate your feelings to your loved ones.