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buttercup socks

main characters ®

Victor Goyner

(in the third, Buttercup Socks)


Goyner is a blood-clot of a determined man, representing the lowest social denominator of psychological enterprise; that of a serial killer. Over time we see how he is a victim himself, caught in a vicious circle of evil which spans the globe today.


Goyner’s spirit is as dark and deep as souls go. Unlike most repeat murderers, he has no clear motivation for killing people; he just has a taste for it and won’t stop. Victor is a truly frightening character who defies God’s words at every turn and demands the reader questions their faith to. He is so lonely and forgotten inside, that he feels no physical or emotional pain whatsoever, until intergalactic interventions (Dolphin Girl) raise a long-dead superego which forces him to try to be human again, against compunction and wrenched nature.


Goyner is so totally emotionally dead and autistic, he doesn’t even understand how his homicidal tsunami causes others pain, until a space battle between fire (Tiger Boy) and water, on a far moon, decides his and the world’s fate. 


I prize-open and dissect the ugly brain of Victor Goyner, who goes down in history as the world’s greatest serial killer, by recording his maniacal life story - told in horrific psychological detail.


Beware; this book is strictly for adults (18+) only! 

Byron Lione

(in novel 3)


Detective Byron Lione is imaginatively modelled on and inspired by real-life acting police constable Mr. Giancarlo Leone of Sussex Police, England. The first name ‘Byron’ is taken from a best friend I had at primary school whose friendly family were Italian. 


Whereas Goyner (the killer) shakes a defiant fist at God, Byron holds God’s hand for strength and comfort. The two duelling characters are an antithesis in virtually all respects: Byron is a devout family man and loyal husband, and contrastingly, Goyner eats morals from people’s finger bones for breakfast.


Byron shows us the power and weakness of blind faith. He trusts and believes in the criminal justice system, as well as in society as a whole and also does his best to improve his local community. Basically, Byron is a very decent guy doing his best to sift through the lies and deceit of criminals and keeping his family safe and housed. Then, his destiny encounters the life-changing international challenge of the Godfather of killers and his family are rocked to the core. Can he save them and the old-fashioned concept of trustworthiness - slowly slipping into the silt of the river Humber?

Monica Lione

(in novel 3)


Monica is the epitome of a modern day strong woman. She is Italian, exceptionally beautiful, very fashionable, mega-smart in understanding people and has a world of riches before her feet if she so chooses. As a devout Catholic, family is incredibly important to Monica, so she bypasses and number of insincere millionaires and chooses Byron Lione (then just a police constable when they first met) because he has all the qualities to make a great father; he’s caring, decent, faithful, sees the truth of light and prioritizes life well.


Throughout the course of her successful marriage, Monica deliberately takes an Italian lady’s backseat to her man; steering the ship with adroit diplomacy. She’s traditional, a master chef, an amazing host and great mum, and is happy to concentrate on her children whilst Byron works. However, Byron is dealt a seriously cruel blow of a case in hunting a phenomenal and deranged serial killer (Victor Goyner) and he begins to crack under pressure which upsets Monica and her family a great deal.


Goyner makes his first and only mistake in disturbing a powerful woman’s happy home and consequently becomes an enemy of Monica’s. So, the traditional job roles then swap (unofficially) and Monica’s whole mind and focus, whilst juggling family life, are employed teaming up with her husband to put an end to the killer’s reign of terror.


Monica is a very driven and determined lady when pushed and symbolises girl power!