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buttercup socks

summary ®

Buttercup Socks is a shocking and horrific insight into the mind of the world’s most notorious serial killer, Victor Goyner, who crosses shadowy paths with Launa in her early art school twenties. 


I shall advise, with a strong caution, that some people may find this third novel too brutally honest and may even misconstrue it as offensive to read. It is however, written as a very black comedy and absolutely no offense is intended to any religion, organisation, personality type or victim of crime. Crime and religion are obviously serious subjects; but not in this work of fiction. So do not read it if you don’t feel confident with who you are, as I get the reader to constantly question the meaning of life, for the overall good of Humanity and entertainment purposes.


This is my longest examination of the human psyche so far (over 110,000 words) as I cover a broad range of low-life social topics to make us wonder why life has got so overly organised, stressful and serious - when we should be having much more family fun. Greed is slaughtered in this blood-fest book and God is given a good talking to.


Why do so many people worldwide suffer when food is aplenty? Buttercup Socks answers all of your ontological questions and hopefully makes you laugh out loud in between the scary parts. Ghosts will be your best friends, so be afraid!


I boldly say that it is unlikely you have read anything like this before.


My first two novels really need to be read in sequence, to fully understand the story, but Buttercup Socks (the prequel) can be bought and read independently, as we go back in time about twenty years when Launa is at University.             


A quality paperback version of Buttercup Socks is available on Amazon for 12.99 and £1.99 on eBook.