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What can you expect if you buy an eBook or paperback version of my novels?


The four novels are packed with original ideas and great characters delivered in an entertaining and obscure way.


All of my eBooks are £1.99 and professionally formatted. If you prefer the feel of a paperback; Apple Rainbow (375 pages) is £9.99; Wearing Marshmallows (424 pages) is £10.99; Buttercup Socks (550 pages) is £12.99; and Pancake Cottage (217 pages) is currently £9.99.


The paperbacks are printed on quality paper (by Amazon) and have a nice professional look to them with a deluxe matt finish cover. The front cover illustration character relates to each novel and is my artwork. One advantage of buying a paperback copy is the reader can enjoy the full breadth of different fonts I use to separate Launa’s dream world with reality (eBooks only change the font size between creative sections).


I very much hope you enjoy reading my books and appreciate that all of the stories build terrific momentum and depth as the series goes on.  


Thank you to all my customers who have given me a fair review.