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pancake cottage

quotes ®

Below is a random selection of quotes from Pancake Cottage to gve you an idea of the intensity and humour to follow:

"Nowadays nothing can be seen as good without the mark of fame stamped into people’s labelled X-Small minds. Without fame attached, brilliance becomes buried and talent gets trashed by celebrity status polishing its own plastic trophy. Fame is a disease to anyone who touches or owns it, turning good honest endeavours into God-like judgements – way too big for our hazelnut heads to fathom or cope with. Boo with thumbs down to electronic fame and those who would do anything for it’s riches! And hooray to those with integrity who couldn’t give a fuck about anything but family!”

"What was this darkness taking over little Britain? Why did so many parents look unhappy with their lot? More importantly, why were so many children suffering from mental illness or pseudo symptoms of anxiety, distress, attention deficit and depression? Families were literally falling apart in front of Launa’s very eyes and everybody seemed to just be accepting it as some kind of human evolutionary process. Evolution was not responsible. Human sheep-factor was going through the roof and nothing but money seemed to mean much to anyone anymore. Biological dads were dropping off like flies, bowled-over daily by female arrogance making a yeast rise in the most expensive ovens they could buy. If anyone criticised this new order (the Fourth Empire), they became tomorrow’s skittles – legally hung-drawn-and-quartered. Nathan loved his mum, which is categorical proof he is not a misogynist."

“Enough is enough!” screamed one man to the pelting rain outside, “Feminism is like the Black Death, jumping from weak minded men like fleas to their cowardly mates happy to accept the new female order. I’m going to make my stand!” But no-one was listening to him and he just got soaked, so he came up with a vicious plan."