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pancake cottage's

main characters ®

Nathan Trump and Oscar Wepleman

(both characters only in novel 4)

Pancake Cottage primarily follows the radical paths of two very different men: Nathan Trump and Oscar Wepleman. Nathan is a very intelligent whiner and Oscar a below average brains outsider.


Nathan’s 5 year old daughter, Annabelle, undergoes a concerted campaign of bulling and hate crimes from a gang of mostly female parents, but at least he gets the chance to defend her.


Oscar, on the other hand, is one of approximately 7 million UK men who are unfairly alienated from their biological daughters which causes his daughter Poppy to develop mental and behavioural issues. We see the dreadful psychological consequences of Oscar being blocked from seeing his own child, from the much less told man’s perspective.


Both men represent the contemporary truth about British fatherhood. Throughout the course of the novel we learn how women – despite the popularly heard propaganda claims of the Feminist narrative – have far more real life rights than men and also more laws in their favour too. Did you know that women commonly receive lesser prison sentences for the same crime committed as a man? Or did you know that evidence proves our governments have deliberately fiddled the statistics on equal pay to support Feminism and that women do receive equal pay after all? Pancake Cottage unearths many falsehoods about so-called Equality and is a great humorous read for anyone with a very open mind who believes in the overriding mantra: "Fairness For All.".


This is a must read for any man who is not allowed to see their children after a break-up because the ex partner has decided to put herself before her children’s best interests. Shame is a thing of the past.