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pancake cottage

summary ®

Pancake Cottage is set in and around a primary school in a small seaside town.


In total contrast to Buttercup Socks which examined the darkest and most extreme negative aspects of society, Pancake Cottage displays the best sides of Humanity – showing our full positive potential for worldwide growth in harmony with nature.


A huge positive town team effort to improve everyone’s lives is undertaken and led by Launa, inspired by ‘Metta bhavana’ (loving-kindness meditation) where one sees good in and cultivates love for all life forms. This psychological idea of feeling platonic love and kindness towards one’s harshest critiques or even enemies is a dilemma of the heart explored throughout this controversial novel.


Pancake Cottage delves into petty gossiping problems, misandry and racism in schools, but mainly sees the bigger picture of people power and camaraderie. Lots and lots of fictional characters are in this novel (about 50) from all sources of my imagination. The novel promotes fairness, good maternal and family values, as well as the beauty of just being nice to other people.


In brief, Pancake Cottage is a hilarious tragic comedy about two different men’s struggle to deal with female empowerment. In this sad and simple tale we enter the extremely dangerous world of school-run mums, where a small band of men risk their lives daily by crossing those Feminist school gates. Stories of female manipulation, lying, racism, false rumours and downright unnecessary nastiness soak this novel wet with men’s blubbering tears in a fatherless community.


Book four in the ‘Enlightenment’ series gives men’s unheard civil rights a fair and just voice and explains why Western women actually have more legal and real life rights then men. Social truth and reality are aired-out like dirty washing throughout this purely fictional story of outrageous female bullying in a modern world that doesn’t know what it wants.


CAUTION: adult content, swearing, the offensive C word and some pornographic references are used in this novel for dramatic effect and realism. Strictly 18+ and for open-minded people only.