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Take control of your stress or mental

well-being today.

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Join SOUND OF MIND today to immediately regain control of your emotional problems and successfully eliminate your stress once and for all! Why suffer when you don’t have to?

I’m Andrew Voller and have a total of 6 years professional full-time experience in the field of psychology, plus 20 years part-time research and experience, as well as mountains of practical expertise that will save you months of anxiety and depression.

Choose to calmly take control of your mental chaos now by signing up to round-the-clock online support and care which looks after you properly.


This is an excellent chance for you to begin a better way of life and broaden your mind’s horizon, making you a happy, successful and balanced person.

To know why my  Wellness Care Program has proudly achieved a 93% client success ratio, then please read on…

The Power of Nature's Way

The wellness care program you seek is called E.M.A. (Earthborn Meta-Animation) and here’s 3 very good reasons why it’s the best choice for you:


1.  My unique ideas are practical and they work! E.M.A. (Earthborn Meta-Animation) translates nature’s powerful and inspiring lessons into practical applications for real life use. This has taken me over 20 years to develop which is why E.M.A. works so well.


2.  I love what I do and am really passionate about helping people. I genuinely care about every last person who asks for help and shall invest a lot of personal effort into helping you get better. I never give up on anyone! From your first day of online care (via Twitter, FacebookInstagram, or WhatsApp messaging) you become part of a caring and organic wellness program which takes your problems seriously and gives you viable solutions straight away.


3. My knowledge in the field of psychology is vast and have written over half a million words on the subject now. I’m the only person in Britain to have created their own psychology philosophy and for good reasons. I started my wellness mission because it is obvious that millions of people worldwide are not getting the correct information or adequate psychological care they desperately need.


So I had my Eureka moment after many years of thinking this social problem over and eventually designed the perfect antidote to contemporary life stresses, all sourced from nature’s codes, and it’s available to you now.   


Life is about taking good chances when they come. Do you want to drastically improve the quality of your life in just 1 month, then this E.M.A wellness care program is for you! Keep reading if you are looking forward to making positive life changes…

What are you getting?

This is what you actually get in real life during the 1st week of your E.M.A. wellness care program:


You begin with a 1 hour messaging consultation to find out about you, your problems and your future needs.


You receive your very own Guide to Life which is a set of instructions written specifically for you, by me, on how best to solve your problems and move forwards happily. This is yours to keep.


You will be very impressed with how much daily constant care you receive when you want my help or support. This is one of the main reasons for my high success ratio because I never let anyone down when they need me.


Every week you shall receive a positive assessment, a progress report, useful feedback and also an E.M.A. instruction plan on how best to tackle the difficulties you are experiencing.


I will also instruct you on the most effective ways to de-stress your mind and relax. Forever being calm is E.M.A.’s central mantra.

Take this unique opportunity to let me to guide you easily through life to fulfill all of your life goals and dreams!


Statistics prove that conventional approaches to mental health care have never worked very well: over 1 in 4 people have a mental illness.  


E.M.A. is currently the most contemporary and effective program of care available to you. If you want to know the secrets behind achieving daily happiness, then E.M.A. provides all the answers you want. Are you suited to my successful wellness care program? To find out, read on...

Always Travel Forward 

E.M.A. is the ideal choice for you if:


  • You are feeling stressed out or not coping well with your job.

  • You have a troubled relationship getting out of control.

  • You have a mental illness that needs managing better.

  • You are not satisfied with your doctor’s help.

  • You are seeking a higher purpose to life.

  • You can’t let go or accept your negative past.

  • You want happiness every day.

I genuinely like helping people and my system works very well: it’s totally unique and affordable too.


Mental illness and stress are the world’s most prolific illnesses primarily caused by austerity, and I have provided an excellent alternative solution: The  E.M.A. Program.


Earthborn Meta-Animation embraces all the good life lessons we can gain from nature’s way.


If you would like to know what some of my clients think, then please read on…

Your Life Matters

To date, 93% of my clients since becoming professional in early 2014 say they have been significantly helped and changed to the point of a happy life by my E.M.A. wellness care program. They are also surprised at how much time, thought, integrity and personal care I put into solving their problems. And you receive all of this expert help for the same price as a take-away coffee and cake every day.


This is what one of my clients messaged me from America; she texted word for word:


You are the perfect counselor fit for me… Thanks for listening and caring… I like you and value your time… You have the best way of putting things."


Signing up for an E.M.A. care program with all its privileges is easy. It’s time to invest in yourself.


If you want to join, you pay only £30 (or $39 USD / 36 Euros) for your 1st week on the E.M.A. Wellness Care Program, securely via PayPal into: emacentre@gmail.com. Following weeks are £60 ($77 / 71 Euros) per week.




Find inner peace and tranquility using a psychology sourced from nature.


Andrew Voller, BA (Hons), Founder and Director of SOUND OF MIND


"You’ve made some really good points about my depression I’ve not heard before… thanks Andrew see you next week."

Mr. Anonymous


“You’re a breath of fresh air Andrew… I like your honesty.”

Ms. Anonymous


“I have to say your approach to therapy is very unique… I love it!... Was going to say unexpectedly good but changed it to unique, lol… really looking forward to next weeks insights and tasks. Thanks Andrew ;)”

Mrs. Anonymous


“I’m very happy with the counselling you provide thanks Andrew.”

Mr. Anonymous


“<<I’m saying that you always look to build something good (which is really great). And as you were doing your natural thing, other people were undermining you. >> See this is why you are great. Getting incisively to the point in a way that makes your client feel understood and supported.”​

Ms Anonymous


“...and I will tell you you’ve been very supportive without being patronising or snooty like my previous therapist I never really got on with as you know… thanks Andrew… I like your style and enthusiasm.”

Mr. Anonymous


"I have many problems… BPD, Bi-polar, OCD and ADHD and other complications… I see what you mean about breaking it down into segments… Your style is very likable and good… I like talking to you… Thanks for being there for me yesterday.”

Mrs. Anonymous


"Yes of course :) I like your approach. I value very much your help… I am a pessimistic type… I needed somebody to talk with which has experience in dealing with these kind of problems. Thank you Andrew... Andrew I am reading the file (Guide to Life) you sent me, I just wanted to say that I think you are doing a great job at what you are doing :) thank you.”

Mr. Anonymous


“Sorry I just needed space… I appreciate your help and enthusiasm… I found the truth hard to bear but you’re right and I’d really like to go ahead… this is difficult for me… thank you lots again for your support last week. I really want to continue please Andrew.”​

Mrs. Anonymous


“To be honest Andrew I had no idea how this would work, but it does. I liked the nature idea of your premise and thought I’d give it a go and I can tell you I’m very happy I did… It was well worth getting your help and feel free to say so on your website… Thanks again Andrew I wish you well”

Mr. Anonymous


"Thank you for your help Andy, I really appreciate the extra effort and time you put in to help me get rid of my anxiety. Thanks for turning things around for me. I've got a plan now and am sticking to it as agreed."

Miss. Anonymous

South-East England

“It’s going well… I like the notes you give me, they help… Thanks very much again… The advice is working out.”

Mrs. Anonymous


"I had major depression after my wife left me and took my two boys away and sunk to an all time low. I found your website and contacted you and my panic attacks immediately got better after the first session... I'm facing my problems now and have accepted the situation and am doing the best for myself every day. I realise I got caught in a trap and you showed me how to get out of it... Your honesty, enthusiasm and empathy Andrew got me through a seriously difficult time and I'm very grateful..."

Mr. Anonymous


"Hi Andrew, yes I'd be very willing to give you a reference. Here goes... On many occasions Andrew seemed to second guess me, then I realised he knew a lot about mental problems... he got down to the real point fast and was very supportive..."    

Mrs. Anonymous


"Happy to say things are going well today… I read some of my guide today and really feel like you understood what I feeling in some depth… thankyou Andrew for helping :)”

Ms. Anonymous


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It’s now frosty winter and nature prepares for spring. Learn how to prepare for life with your own E.M.A. wellness care program. Really start to enjoy your life!


Nature provides all of the answers you seek to all of your problems. Invest in your yourself, your happiness and secure a successful future.