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 Above:   A photo of me (blue shirt) meeting Member of Parliament Stephen Lloyd (right) at one of my art exhibitions. 


 Above:   Me at Burlington Primary School.
 Above: A selfie of me now, about 35 years later. One wouldn't commonly describe me as handsome, but I've got some great ideas and I'm honest.

My name is Andrew Voller and I’m the creator of Applied Psychology which is a wellness care program I designed to help people’s lives.                                                                    




I have always sought a higher purpose to life since I was a teenager, so I developed a number of psychological systems to improve my life and the life of others over a 20 year period (I’m now 44 years old). During this process, I have become an expert on patterns in nature, read hundreds of books on psychology and nature, practiced meditation since I was 18 (mainly bio-feedback) and made over a thousand paintings and drawings of trees, people and landscapes. Here is an old-looking drawing I sketched in Wales when I was 12:

Painting and drawing has always been a great part of my life. For me, creating art is a perfect way to appreciate and understand nature and Humanity. Virtually all of my paintings show a continuous theme and wish of mine for all people to successfully find a balance with nature. My favourite artist since school days has always been the Father of Modern Art, Paul Cezanne, whose tranquil paintings of nature are unsurpassed. You can see a selection of my painting ideas on life and how to find yourself by clicking this button:



Or see the Story of Humanity in just one display painting by clicking below:




Throughout my life I have invested a lot of energy, study and experimentation in finding a positive and productive way forward to attain enlightenment – and overcoming all limitations, especially those imposed by fear, greed and ignorance.



All this learning and ‘real-life’ application of nature’s way, has radically transformed my view of the world and I am now free from needing unnecessary possessions. As a result, I live a fearless, peaceful, and fulfilling family life – where happiness is worth more to me than anything.

Over the years, many friends and people have suggested to me I should turn my interest and knowledge into a useful application for others to benefit from. I took the Myers Briggs test in 2014 and it concluded my number one most suited choice of profession as psychologist. So I’ve made a positive career change I’m very happy and comfortable with and now want to share with you the powerful insights and tools I’ve learnt on my personal journey in understanding the true meaning of life – that have made me happy and enthusiastic to wake up every day and get on with things.




My philosophy aims to empower people to grow their emotional intelligence, live well, and be happy and free. This site and my Wellness Care Program are here to serve both your personal emotional problems and personal transcendence (depending on your needs and interests). My unique psychological work aims to 'update' wellness and mental health care to a contemporary standard by guiding my clients every step of the way through their emotional problems.

Trivial facts about me

  • I live in sunny Eastbourne by the sea and was born on Boxing Day in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, England. I have a stable family life with three beautiful daughters who I do anything for. My parents, Richard and Diana, are both English and my surname Voller, meaning ‘Fuller’ or cloth maker, is most likely from Dutch descent. And I would like to be known as a life coach who helps everyday people.

  • I held the record at my primary and secondary school for being the fastest pupil to climb a rope. Not particularly useful information, but true.

  • Jobs: I worked in my dad’s engineering factory from 12 years old on a 1 horse power machine nearly the size of a car; then worked as a computer analyst for Safeway’s supermarket from 16; became a painter & decorator and builder for 5 years after Uni; was a professional portrait painter and picture framer for 9 years, running my own high-street shop; and have now been a professional life coach since 2014. 

  • I like martial arts, cycling and hiking in the countryside, gardening, architecture, have always loved Shakespeare (read every last word he wrote), listen every day to the best singer in the world, Patricia Jenečková, and really enjoy writing children’s stories and painting with my five year old daughter.

  • I am currently writing a trilogy of psychology books called The Psychology Bible, covering all aspects of wellness and the mind: I'm half a million words in and still haven't finished! I plan to publish the first volume hopefully in late 2019.

  • If you’d like an entertaining read, I have written 4 novels which explore the fantasy mind of a woman who suffers from BPD, now available to buy on Amazon. Click here. And my latest novel is an adventure for primary/elementary school age, which teaches children good life values. Click here.

  • Below: 5 things at 17 years old that I was pleased with at the time:  

Applied Psychology aims to teach you about the beauty and rich depths in nature, and most importantly how this ancient problem solving knowledge answers all of your emotional problems too. I want to show you how to grow with confidence whilst simultaneously solving your stress related or mental difficulties. 


emapsychology.com is a platform for people from all walks of life. If you decide you want to change and positively turn your life around, then I have the perfect solution for you.




I’m passionate about helping you learn what I term 'universal balance' – where patterns from nature are used to break potentially bad habits and help you get a lot more satisfaction and happiness out of life.




The challenge of life is to be well travelled and enjoyed. Click here for more about the E.M.A. wellness care program.




In addition, I am always looking to improve and expand my business because a stationary company becomes a failing business. I am currently working on a comprehensive E.M.A. Art Therapy Course which I hope to introduce next year and have just launched an E-Commerce expansion to my psychology business because technology combined with psychology is the future. Click here for my E-Commerce digital program.

Below:   My eldest daughter and I having fun at Cuckmere River, East Sussex, a few years ago and in Eastbourne Sovereign Harbour too.