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When people judge your mental illness, it's like they think you want to suffer.

I propose the world of psychology makes patients worse, not better. If you don't agree with that bold statement, then I suggest the statistically failed CBT is more down your alley. If you believe our corrupt society makes mental illness a lot worse, then this website is definitely for you. Sound of Mind mostly caters for the millions of mental health sufferers who feel let down by their doctor and health service's psychology system. There is hope and I have the answers to all of your questions regarding good mental health. 

The only unforgivable mistake you can make is giving up on life.

Regrets are the cornerstone of self-improvement. Without regrets, guilt or any shame you become selfish or even a sociopath. The greatest people believe in themselves enough to know they have been wrong many times and desire improvement. Good mental health is about accepting the situation you put yourself in and always making sure you sculpt a better future. Believing the world needs you is a great start.

To love yourself is the beginning of kindness.

If you do not have a genetic predisposition towards mental illness then your suffering is a choice which can be managed well or even rectified with correct lifestyle plans. And if you or your family have a history of mental illness, my psychology system is specifically designed to offer you the very best life possible.  

Andrew Voller, Sound of Mind, Established 2014